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Urban Safety Solutions Personal Security Alarm Kit

Urban Safety Solutions Has the Ultimate College Female Security Kit


Are you a female student about to attend a university? Or perhaps you have someone close to you about to leave for college. One of the points of concern is the security in universities and college dorms. Even when you have a college apartment outside of the campus, security should always be the priority.

Every so often, on the news, you’ll hear cases of college students being attacked. To make matters worse, most of these attacks are directed to girls and women in colleges.

So, if you are a female about to attend college, or you have someone close to you about to go to the university, there’s a need to consider being and feeling safe at all times. As a female college student, you have little control over most of the factors that will affect you.

For instance, you can’t be sure you’ll never be attacked. The truth is, the number of assault cases is on the rise throughout the country. However, what you have control over, is how well prepared to tackle the situation.

If you’re walking to your car from class and notice someone following you, how do you react? Your reaction, in this case, will determine how safely you can navigate tense situations. For example, if the person following you poses a threat, you may use self-defense techniques to defend yourself.

What are the best self-defense tools for female college students? Below, we’re going to identify the best and most effective weapons and tactics you can use whenever you feel threatened.

Urban Safety Solutions offers affordable and effective solutions to college campus safety concerns. Our goal is to enhance the female university experience by providing peace of mind for both student and parent. Safeguarding the personal security of your loved one with our personal security alarm package. Is a very effective non lethal method to accomplish this.

UrbanSafetySolutions prides itself and specializes in having the most effective college door wedge alarm kit. Again, peace of mind your college daughter can stop an attacker instantly if necessary.

Gerald Smith founder of frequently recommends both and as resources when searching for additional urban personal safety devices online.

Factors to consider when getting a self-defense weapon


Before looking at these effective self-defense weapons and gadgets, it’s important to consider which one appeals best to you. There are numerous self-defense weapons in the market; however, weighing their practicability will help narrow them down to the best.

Here are some of the factors you should consider before getting your college female defense kit.


1. Will you be allowed to carry the weapon around in school and public areas?


As mentioned above, there are numerous self-defense weapons, most of which are easily accessible. However, before you order the next one, it’s good to consider if you can carry it around with you.

For instance, in many states, you can easily purchase a gun. However, most -if not all, universities and colleges, do not allow weapons such as guns on the campuses. As such, while a firearm can be a self-defense weapon, it is not an effective one as you can’t carry it around you.

On the other hand, pepper spray makes an ideal self-defense weapon for women in universities. Since pepper spray is light to carry and easy to conceal, you can have it in your keychain. This also means you can unleash them on someone following you as you plan to make a quick getaway to get help.

2. How easy is it to use a self-defense weapon?


The other factor to consider is the ease of use. Since most assault cases happen quickly, you need a reliable self-defense weapon. Here, you can look at some of the modern solutions provided by

The ease of use simply means you’re able to effectively deploy the weapon without the criminal knowing. If it’s too large or bulky, you may be easily spotted by the assailant. One of the ways to get around this is by incorporating self-defense kits in easy to camouflage.

For instance, in the example given above, a gun may not be the most practically easy weapon to carry around. In most cases, people who carry guns around in public are often viewed as the assailants themselves. Additionally, pulling a gun may draw additional attention at a time when you likely want to deescalate things.

A stun gun, on the other hand, can prove useful. Thanks to innovation and technology, stun guns can be concealed in easy-to-carry gadgets. When the assailant thinks they have the upper hand, then you can surprise attack and stun them. Modern stun guns pack a punch and will incapacitate the criminal and allow you to formulate a plan to get out of the situation. You’ll be amazed by the quality of our products at

3. Can you have it with you at all times?


As already established above, there’s no one time when you can be attacked. Additionally, since there are more female attacks in universities, it is wise to have your weapon with you at all times.

So, what is the perfect self-defense weapon to have with you all the time? That answer may differ from person to person; however, you can find a self-defense kit matching your style at

One of the most versatile self-defense gadgets is pepper spray. A spray from these cans will leave the attacker disoriented. Moreover, you don’t have to be in close contact with the attacker. These and more features make pepper spray one of the most recommended tools for women’s self-defense.

Get your pepper gel today at and take your security matter into your hands.

4. Are you okay with using the weapon?


The final factor to consider before getting your defense items and kits is what you’re comfortable using. To continue with the same example of a gun, many people aren’t comfortable with a lethal weapon. Urban Safety Solutions offers their customers effective alternatives. Moreover, studies show many ladies prefer other forms of self-defense as compared to using firearms.

Fortunately, there are numerous self-defense items available today. Many of these have varying levels of impact. What this means is you can choose something that you’re comfortable with.

Once you have a self-defense item you’re comfortable with; the next step is to practice. This will help you get familiar with using it. The last thing you won’t want is to be attacked and have no idea how to defend yourself.

When you’re practicing how to defend yourself, remember to be careful. Most of these items can be immensely painful. For example, the effects of pepper spray can leave you in pain for up to two hours. So, when you are practicing how to use pepper spray, ensure you do it in an open space and away from your face.

What are the best self-defense products for female college students?


Below is a unique selection of some of today’s revolutionary self-defense products. These gadgets have been proven safe and are easy to use. Additionally, we’ll provide a list of pros and possible cons of using these products, as well as where you can get them.

While many of these products and gadgets are available in many locations and campuses, you can always check with the school administration if you’re not certain. In most cases, the administration shares a list of what is generally acceptable and what isn’t.

Moreover, while it’s purely for precautionary measures, you should check to see what the local law says. If you are clear about using the ideal weapon, the next step is to ensure you order from reputable suppliers. As a result, we’ll share a few examples of suppliers you can purchase from, such as the Urban Safety Solutions platform, As seen below, some of the products from Urban Safety come with a lifetime warranty.

1. Pepper Spray


Pepper sprays remain one of the most known self-defense weapons today. Additionally, they are rather easy to acquire and use. These advantages have not only skyrocketed their use, but companies now look for new and innovative ways to improve pepper spray.

Pepper sprays are an ideal self-defense weapon for university women as they are light to carry. You can also conceal them and have them with you at all times. And since you can use them from a few feet away, they can be used in almost any situation.

The effects of the pepper spray can leave the assailant in agony for close to an hour. When they try to scratch or wash out the pepper spray, they will only antagonize it more. If someone ever attacks you, pulling out a can of pepper spray can help you get out of the situation safe and sound.

What are the advantages of using pepper spray as a self-defense weapon?


As already outlined above, there are numerous benefits to carrying a can of pepper spray everywhere you go. Some of these advantages are;

  • They can be used from a distance
  • Pepper sprays are very effective
  • They are cheap and easy to access
  • They can be used from a safe distance

Disadvantages of using pepper spray

  • They may not be allowed in some schools and campuses
  • They may affect others when used in a crowded area
  • Could be affected by strong winds

Wildfire Pepper Spray


Are you looking for an effective pepper spray? The Wildfire Pepper gel spray is an effective self-defense for any situation. Amazingly, this pepper gel is not only effective against human attackers; you can also use it on rabid and out-of-control wild animals.

The Wildfire Pepper Gel spray is made with peppers measuring 2 million units on the Scoville’s heat test (SHU.) This means the pepper is not only hot, but the victim will be left feeling the pain for more than 45 minutes. However, the pepper spray does not cause any permanent damage, and the effects do eventually subside.

Moreover, one of the unique features of using the Wildfire Pepper gel is it leaves UV light behind. Although the perpetrator won’t know this, police officers can use the UV light an hour after wearing off. This way, you’re not only reactive but proactively secure.

2. Stun gun


In recent times, stun guns have become a popular self-defense tool for many girls in the university. Traditionally, stun guns were disliked as they were heavy and bulky to carry.

Today, however, you can find small and stylish stun guns. However small they may be, these stun guns pack quite the punch and can come to your rescue.

A stun gun works by delivering a powerful shock on your command. And the end of the weapon lies two sharp metal rods. These rods deliver the shock when they come into contact with skin. Moreover, since they are sharp and sturdy, they can pierce most clothing materials.

The effects of a stun gun will last a few minutes as the attacker will be left with muscle spasms. This makes them an ideal safety weapon for every college student. Additionally, many attackers will back off if they see you with a stun gun. So, they act as a deterrent as well.

Advantages of using stun guns as self-defense weapons


The benefits of using stun guns are;

  • They are effective at delivering powerful electric shots
  • They also act as a deterrent
  • Modern stun guns can be easily concealed
  • You can adjust the lethal setting to your linking
  • Modern stun guns can be charged with USB cables

Disadvantages of using stun guns

  • You need to be in close range to strike
  • Some stun guns are not allowed on various campuses

Spike Stun Guns


Spike stun guns are some of the most versatile self-defense weapons in their category. These stun guns are built from inception to execution with ease of use in mind.

The guns have two sharp spikes, which are designed to increase your attacking options. For instance, if you’re close enough to the assailant, you can strike their eyes, face, and throat. Doing this will significantly improve your survival chances.

The Spike stun gun is also made with a sturdy rubberized coating. This coating improves your grip and fits in perfectly with the palm of your hand. When you set the trigger off, the gun has a loud discharge; this is designed to draw other people’s attention to the situation. The loud discharge can also be used to give the assailant a chance to flee and avoid the confrontation altogether.

Some of the standout features of the Spike stun are its lightweight, delivers a strong charge of more than 20 million volts, and you can easily charge it with your USB cable.

3. Super door stop alarm


When going through the list above, one of the features of a standout self-defense weapon is something you can carry with you. Now, there are two ways of viewing this. The first is the already established gadgets that you can have with you on the go. However, you also need something to keep you secure, even when you’re on the go or living in a new environment, like university apartments.

This need for a safety solution that offers maximum protection even when you’re on the go is what inspired the super door stop alarm. A super door stop alarm can help you stay safe by wedging the door shut.

If you look at historical burglary data, you’ll notice an easy attack pattern. This simply means that most house break-ins are targeted. And burglars always look for the easy score, such as an apartment where a female college student lives. They have also been known to target college dorms.

So, how can you protect yourself when you’re in the house? For starters, there are numerous safety tips like putting in translucent blinds, securing your locks, always making sure doors and windows are closed. However, even these steps do not assure your safety. Research shows it takes less than three minutes for a burglar to pick a typical apartment lock.

How can a door stop alarm keep you safe?


The door stop alarm is a simple yet revolutionary product with an easy setup. The first mechanism to safeguard your door is the door wedge. After you get into the house, you simply slip the wedge tightly as you lock the door. This wedge makes the room virtually impenetrable.

Another unique feature in the doorstop is the 120 dB alarm. Essentially, you can set the alarm to be as sensitive as you wish. Whenever someone tries to tamper with the door, the alarm goes, notifying you and anyone in close vicinity about the burglary.

A super door stop alarm is light, and you can carry it with you whether you’re sleeping in a motel, Air BnB, or even in unfamiliar environments. With the super door stop alarm, you don’t have to be anxious all the time you’re inside the house.

4. Tactical flashlight


Ideally, you should always have a flashlight. As a college student, there are days when you’ll inevitably find yourself out late. And while you might have your phone with you, most phones die within a few hours.

Like many of the other items mentioned on this list, the tactical or safety flashlight is a versatile self-protection tool. You can use the blinding light given by these powerful torches to temporarily blind and disorient the assailant. Additionally, tactical flashlights are manufactured from tough material. This means you can also use them as a weapon.

Similar to how you would use a stun gun, you should aim for the eyes, nose, throat, and face when hitting the assailant with the tactical flashlight. These areas are a lot more sensitive and will give you a head start to formulate your plan.

Advantages of using a tactical flashlight

  • Acts as both a defense weapon and flashlight tool
  • Flashlights are legal everywhere, so you can always have them on you
  • They are easy to carry around and use
  • You can use the flashlight to get attention and scare the assailant

Disadvantages of using the safety flashlight

  • Some of the downsides associated with this self-defense weapon are;
  • They are not as effective as stun guns or pepper sprays
  • They won’t have a lasting effect on the assailant

Self Defense Zoomable Flashlight


If you don’t like carrying a lot of stuff around, then you can opt for a self-defense flashlight. The 1200 Lumen Zoomable Flashlight can help you get out of a sticky situation and draw attention to where you are.

As the name suggests, the flashlight contains 1200 lumen of sensitive blinding light. Moreover, you can zoom in and focus the light to a single point. The flashlight is effective from as far as 50 feet.

Another innovative feature in this flashlight is the SOS setting. The torch automatically sets the mode and gets help from you from anyone around. Additionally, since the flashlight is made from strong aluminum metal, you can use it as a self-defense baton.

Buy your flashlight from Urban Safety Solutions and get a rechargeable lithium battery, wrist strap, and battery charger in the package.

5. College Survival kit


As evidenced above, the world can be dangerous, especially if you’re a female in a new environment. So, if you’re about to go off to college or know someone who is, it’s best to get them the college survival kit.

This kit incorporates some of the novel safety gadgets and products displayed above. All of these are carefully curated to maximize your safety and survival odds. The college survival kit includes;

  • One high-quality Spike Stun Gun with over 20 million voltage
  • One high-quality Wildfire Sticky Pepper Spray
  • One high-quality Door Stop Alarm

Get your urban survival kit today from Urban Safety Solutions and walk safely into your first days of college. With your security well taken care of, you can focus on excelling in your studies and creating a worthwhile social circle.

As a top-rated business venture with Better Business Bureau status and a solid A+ rating, urban Safety Solutions has, over the years, build a reputation in the safety and self-defense sectors. is the most trusted online platform where you can easily get all of your self-defense tools, gadgets, and products.

At the end of the day, it’s important to applaud the steps being taken by the community, authorizes, and society to safeguard the neighborhoods. However, these efforts don’t solve all crime issues, and that is why you should always have your safety in mind.

Whether you’re leaving school late or needed to go out, being out and alone can be scary. Fortunately, if you have your self-defense products and ideas with you, you can always turn the odds in your favor. After the incident, remember to inform someone so the appropriate follow-up steps can be followed.


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