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3 Best Personal Protection Devices | Xtreme Urban Survival Kit

Xtreme Urban Survival Kit with 2 ounce wildfire pepper gel, black spike 20 million volt rechargeable stun gun and 125 decibel super door stop alarm

3 Best Personal Protection Devices

Sexual violence is the most fundamental hindrance to women’s empowerment and gender equality. Nonetheless, they frequently go unreported, and women remain vulnerable at home, on the road, at work, and at school. How can women protect themselves with the 3 best personal protection devices?

Gender-based physical violence is a cruel infringement of ladies’ common liberties, affecting their physical and emotional well-being. As a woman, we’ve painstakingly considered the various dangers you may come across both inside your home and out, and we’ve gathered together the 3 best personal protection devices to keep you safe no matter what life throws at you.

The 3 best personal protection devices are compact, powerful, and multi functional.  These devices fit the bill.

We picked the doorstop alarm, pepper spray, and stun gun as the best personal protection devices since they fit most women’s lifestyle. They are safe for youngsters and grown-ups too. has disguised self defense kits for women or anyone concerned with their personal safety. 

They are budget-friendly, they are portable, and they are easy to use. They are reliable, effective, and give you a chance to stay safe, escape, or alarm the security organs.

If an assailant strikes, the 3 best self-protection devices will give you an opportunity to get away and find help. We included devices like stun guns and pepper sprays. Learn below why we recommend our choices.

3 Best Personal Protection Devices

1. The Super Door Stop Alarm

Personal protection devices such as the Super Door Stop alarm are made for easy use. It is legal to carry and use in all the states. Many women may be terrified beyond words when there is a break-in in their home or college dorm. At that time, when you are too scared to call for help, the loud alarm siren emitted by this device may save your life.

Let’s say you are a single female living alone on the outskirts of town. With this door stop alarm, you don’t have to feel vulnerable. The Super Door Stop Alarm lets out a 120-decibel alarm siren when a person attempts to break into your door.

The sound is loud and will warn off whoever is trying to enter your home without permission. They will run away. Security guards and neighbors will also be alerted and will come to check out your situation. This loud siren can protect you from getting raped at home.

This alarm is easy to use. It is portable and wireless, and to install it. You insert it under your door. It bolts the door tight. This door stop alarm device is the best home protection solution if you live alone. It’s suitable for students and single women. It is light, versatile, and sleeker than other customary security alarms. It likewise includes a novel set of sensors that reduce cases of false alarms.

2. The Spike Stun Gun

Danger often comes without warning. It could be on the streets, at work, or school. It can happen daytime or night time. So you need a reliable and consistently effective device to confront it or shield it. That is the reason why we present the Spike Stun Gun as one of the 3 best personal protection devices that a woman should have on her at all times.

This is a small and compact device that fits in the palm of your hands. It is like the head of a phone charger with two sharp spikes. It has a trigger button that rests directly against your hand when you enclose your fist. Once triggered, the device lets out 20 million volts against the body of the assailant.

This strategic stun gun is an ideal self-defense gadget that can be utilized to shield yourself from any undesirable assault. If you carry this tactical stun gun in your pocket or handbag, at that point, you can guard yourself anyplace whenever. This pen is made with a robust machined steel body and hardened steel pocket that’s sufficiently solid to battle with any assailant.

3. Wildfire Sticky Pepper Gel

Pepper spray needs no introduction. It’s the first line of defense that every woman should have in their purse and within close reach all the time. We will reveal why a little later.

The Wildfire Pepper spray is one of the harshest pepper sprays available in the market. It contains 2, 000 000, 000 raw pepper SHU’s. These are the compounds responsible for the hotness of pepper, and that number is a guarantee that no attacker will withstand the pain when you spray Wildfire on their faces.

The Pepper Gel blasts and shoots a forceful stream from a distance of 10 feet. Pepper spray is a reliable self-protection device for all. When it splashes at the assailant, it causes respiratory trouble, inflammation, and blindness and will give you sufficient opportunity to run.

Wildfire Pepper Spray is ideal for both young and older women. You can stroll walk the streets with confidence when you realize that you are sufficiently protected if an attacker springs out of nowhere. This pepper spray is one of the 3 best personal protection devices that college women should get.

What makes these the 3 Best Personal Protection Devices?

The Super Door Stop Alarm, the Spike Stun Gun, and the Wildfire Pepper Gel make up a complete Xtreme Urban Survival Kit. Here are the reasons why these are the 3 best personal protection devices that a modern woman should have to subdue an enemy.

Cost: What is your financial situation like? There are many costly self-defense solutions in the market, but these high prices lock many women out of the chance to protect themselves. As a single woman working for financial stability, our 3 best personal protection devices are a great bargain. You can buy all of them as one Xtreme Urban Survival Kit at $ 80 or $68 if you use the discount code.

Value for money: Experts will tell you that a device’s cost is not really the purchase price but the cost of ownership. That includes repairs, maintenance, licensing, training, and so forth. As you might have noticed, our 3 best personal protection devices are designed for simplicity and durability. You don’t need licensing and training to use them. There are no maintenance costs for pepper spray. All the while, you enjoy a good performance and reliable protection for the product’s entire lifespan.

Availability: When considering a personal protection device for a single female, one must consider availability. Who can use the device in the general populace? Is it available for the vast majority, or is it intended to serve specific individuals? The 3 best personal protection devices are for women from all walks of life.

User Experience: In recommending our 3 best personal protection devices, we have considered thousands of women and research experts’ feedback. Pepper spray is still the leading form or personal protection for women for many years since it was invented. The door stop alarm is loved because it’s portable (can be used at home, college dorm, or hotel room) and requires no wiring installation. The stun gun is reliable because it incapacitates an assailant in all its use cases and helps the target escape.

Brand Reputation: The reliability of a personal protection device also depends on the brand. Urban Safety is an experienced brand that provides quality self-defense solutions for men and women. We are positively praised by clients, specialists, and outsider industry evaluators. We are a 12 yr member of the Missouri Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.

Privacy and reliability: Our 3 best personal protection devices, the pepper spray, doorstop alarm, and spike stun gun, are as simple as you see them. They are not linked to an app, so your data won’t be stolen or misused. You don’t have to pay monthly fees for home or personal security.

Compatibility: One significant feature common across the Xtreme Urban Survival Kit 3 best personal protection devices is compactness. You can take a pepper spray or stun gun with you wherever you go and still carry and use a gun or other self-defense tools. When the gun jams, the Wildfire Pepper Spray will be your backup plan.

Features: In recommending these devices, we’ve taken stock of what features are incorporated, how well they work, and how they perform during an assault incidence. We can confidently brag that the WildFire pepper spray’s 2 Million SHUs effectively blinds a victim and inflames their face, giving you a chance to run.

The Spike Stun Gun’s 20 Million volts immobilize an attacker leaving them helpless. The Super Doorstop Alarm keeps the door superbly bolted and lets out an alarm that can be heard 3 blocks away if you have a break-in incident.

Convenience: We recommend the Xtreme Urban Survival Kit for the simplicity in usage and performance. You are guaranteed portability, easy installation, and effortless activation. You are guaranteed safety—the pepper spray can be unleashed from a distance while the stun gun doesn’t shock the user during use.

Various Threats and Situations When You Will Need the 3 Best Personal Protection Devices

1. Robberies at Home

How common are House Break-ins?

• An average of 282,061 robbery incidents happen in St. Louis, MO, every year.

• Nationally, the FBI recorded 6,925,677 property crimes in 2019.

• Losses associated with the break-ins amounted to $15.8 billion

These numbers show a high prevalence of burglaries and break-ins in the US. Even if you live in a safe neighborhood, you can never be too safe. Using a personal protection device is a wise thing to do.

Typically, robbers target houses near where they live. However, experienced and expert robbers will, in general, be more inclined to travel farther. They target homes for both men and women, but women that love alone are more at risk. Improve your home safety with the 3 best personal protection devices.

Homes and apartments in sketchy neighborhoods are more at risk. These are neighborhoods with several past incidents of robberies. They are houses with substantial youth populaces, drug addicts, night clubs, sports stadia, travel stations, and metropolitan high crime spots.

Homes and college dorms near busy highways are also at risk. High vehicle traffic that brings new people into an area may increase burglary in the area. The 3 best personal protection devices can help in such cases.

It is also critical to note that burglars often seek to become acquainted with expected targets in most reported cases, and it is harder for occupants to perceive the threat. The criminals study their next victim before striking. If they realize that you live alone in an isolated area, you become an easy target.

Houses recently burglarized have a greater danger of being burglarized than those never burglarized. This is because the components that made them defenseless once may make them vulnerable again in the future. You will be safer with the 3 best personal protection devices.

How can the Super Doorstop Alarm Help?

• The Super Door Stop Alarm is a small wedge-shaped device that goes in the gap between your door and the floor

• As one of the 3 best personal protection devices, this doorstop keeps the door firmly locked so that no one can push it open from the outside

• A single female can sleep peacefully at night, knowing that no one will break-in.

• When a person applies forces from the outside, the friction will be felt by the sensors on the underside of the doorstop alarm, which automatically activates the siren

• The siren let out by the device is 120 db. This is extremely loud and can be heard by apartment guard, neighbors, or police

• The perpetrator will run because the alarm siren lets them know that the house is protected

2. Violence at Work


How common is sexual harassment and rape at work?

• The latest reports from the Bureau of Justice Statistics says that there were more than 43,000 work environment assaults and rapes every year

• In any case, the BJS states that sexual assault at work is immensely underreported.

• In 2015, the EEOC got more than 28,000 harassment complaints from employees across the country, and 45 percent of these were sex-related

• In any event, 25 percent of ladies experience sexual harassment in the working environment.

• Somewhere close to 87 and 94 percent of workers encountering sexual harassment don’t report it

Sexual abuse and physical assault happen daily at work. Young ladies are statistically bound to work in lower-status positions, increasing male bosses’ potential for exploiting them. In the current economy, ladies are helpless against sexual dangers identified with finding or losing work.

Take, for instance, a young college student who works as an overnight waitress to earn a little income during her school years. One day, the club manager’s propositions escalate into forceful demand, with the man grabbing her and yanking off her clothes in a dimly lit area of the venue.

This can take the young woman by surprise, and in most cases, many are scared beyond reason. There is a fear of losing the job. And there is also fear of getting blamed if they report the incident. This is a familiar story all across the nation.

How Can a Pepper Spray Help?

• The WildFire Pepper Spray first serves a warning. Whether at the office or outside, the moment you pull it from your purse, the attacker will back off.

• If they are persistent in their malicious intents, you can unleash the spray straight in their eyes. A single shot will leave them momentarily blind and their face scorching. This is your chance to escape.

• As one of the 3 best personal protection devices, the Wildfire pepper spray is non-lethal and doesn’t cause permanent damage to a person

• A pepper spray can be taken with you anywhere, including at work. Guns are not allowed at work, remember.

• The 3 best personal protection devices can protect you on the way to and from work

You can carry a stun gun to work, too.

3. Violence from Friends and Acquaintances

Sexual brutality frequently is executed by somebody a survivor knows, and these include friends and acquaintances.

• This is either termed as intimate rape (in relationships) or acquaintance rape (by people you know)

• Intimate and acquaintance rape can happen in a wide range of settings at home or school

• In 55% of the cases, the incident happens close to the casualty’s home and 15% in public spaces.

• In 48% of the cases, the incident happens when the victim is sleeping or doing something else at home.

A significant percentage of ladies are assaulted by people they know. It could be an ex-boyfriend or a friend from school or at home. Reports show that victims are considerably less likely to report the incident to the police if close persons executed the viciousness.

Numerous ladies live with the issue for quite a long time and abstain from seeking help by all means. They might fear the repercussions that will occur if their accomplice discovers they have informed others concerning the incident.

Consider a single woman that lives alone and is stalked by a past ex-boyfriend or schoolmate, or colleague from work. It’s easy for her to open the door for these people thinking that they have no malicious intent. But then, in most cases, it turns out that they do. They get aggressive and overpower her when she is alone and most vulnerable.

Another popular type of sexual assault is date rape. This often happens on a first or second date and has become a significant issue in bars, clubs, and school grounds.

Attackers may use medications that break down in a drink and become imperceptible. When the drink is taken, it makes the individual lose control or even pass out. That leaves the casualty vulnerable to rape.

How the Spike Stun Gun can help

• The spike stun gun, as one of the 3 best personal protection devices, is small and discreet. The attacker won’t see it coming

• When a perpetrator lays their hands on you, you can quickly retrieve it from your back pocket and incapacitate them with 20 million volts

• The spike stun gun can be used at home, in a college dorm, or out on a date

• It can help to reduce cases of intimate rape and sexual assault, where a friend suddenly turns villainous and tries to have their way with you

• If you live with an abusive partner, this self-defense device can also serve you right

4. Campus Party

Colleges and universities are places where youngsters experiment with sex and liquor, and the mix can prompt sexual assault and rape for young ladies.

• The Washington Post reports that 20-25 % of the ladies are assaulted sexually in college.

• Men are also sex crime victims – with 90 percent of them being under 17

• About 99 % of the perpetrators are of sexual assault are male.

• In 12 percent of the cases, the event happens when the victim is on a similar date with the perpetrator.

Universities have gained notoriety for being when youngsters can party as much as they need. This is an age when students have become legally able to drink, and they live with no parental supervision. The campus party scene is insanely vibrant.

Ladies who drink more in college are twice as likely to be assaulted sexually compared to those who drink in moderation. Most attacks include individuals who know each other, as opposed to strangers. Alcohol is frequently the primary medication that a potential culprit needs to exploit a possible casualty’s weakness.

Ladies drink a great deal in school, showing a similar desire to exercise their freedoms when living alone for the first time. There is also peer pressure and the desire to fit in with the partying culture.

Whenever out at a party, it’s advisable to keep your eyes on your drink so that no intoxicating substance is put into it. More than that, however, it would help to walk around with the Wildfire Pepper Gel or the Spike Stun Gun.

How the Stun Gun or Pepper Spray Can Help

· They are discreet and easy to carry in your purse on a night out

· You can confidently walk into a club scene with these self-defense tools

· The attacker won’t be able to stand the pain when you use any of these on them

· They are non-lethal. The effects wear off in a short time

· Pepper spray and a stun gun, as two of the 3 best personal protection devices, can help to prevent party scene rape

· They can protect you on the way to and from the party

Take care of yourself by getting the 3 best personal protection devices today. They come as a single kit—the Xtreme Urban Survival Kit. It is affordable and effective. Place your order day!

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