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3 Best Personal Protection Gadgets In 2020

Xtreme Urban Survival Kit with 2 ounce wildfire pepper gel, black spike 20 million volt rechargeable stun gun and 125 decibel super door stop alarm

3 Best Personal Protection Gadgets In 2020

Whenever you’re making considerations about where you’d like to move to, most people look at the infrastructure, education system, and, most importantly, security.

The security of a place can either drive the property valuation up or down. In a secure neighborhood, everyone is trying to move it, forcing real estate prices to go up. On the flip side, if there are cases of insecurity, everyone will be looking to move out, driving the prices down.

Additionally, in a safe society, businesses thrive as no one is worried about closing late or being mugged. Urban Safety Solutions has effective non lethal self defense products. That will provide personal security for women living alone. Take a college female, or even a single mom, for example; if she is taking care of the children and running the house, she probably has to be out working. This single mom will try and go to a safe community where she can comfortably commute to work and back.

From the above, it’s evident that securing your neighborhood is investing in your property. Unfortunately, most people take little action when it comes to ensuring their areas are safe for everyone.

The reason why most people are low to act is they see as their single efforts won’t make much of a difference. This, however, is not the case. Even with your individual efforts, you can contribute to a safer community.

This begs the question, what individual role do you play in securing your neighborhood? There are a number of measures you can take to ensure your community is safe and free from criminals and other petty burglars.

Community Efforts for Creating A Secure Environment

So, what exactly are these measures you can take to ensure you’re living in a safe and thriving community? Here are a few tips;

1. Create or join the neighborhood watch

Data from most urban communities reveals that crime rates drop in areas that have an active neighborhood watch. This data goes to show just how integral having such a system is.

For example, a single female would be more willing to move to a safe community. This way, you don’t have to worry about going to school late or even being out late at night.

Additionally, these neighborhood watch programs tackle ailing societies, especially by protecting women and children. Neighborhood watch programs are especially effective as they are run by the community. From this approach, individuals in the community are involved in achieving a safe environment where everyone thrives.

For instance, if a watch program member notices suspicious activity, they can easily notify the authorities. Moreover, criminals tend to stay away from these kinds of communities are they don’t want to get caught.

Having a neighborhood watch will help a community to grow as there are no security concerns or disruptions.

2. Create a rapport with your neighbors

In nature, people are more concerned if something happens to a person they know well. You can use this to your advantage by getting to know your neighbors.

Having a positive relationship with your close neighbors can help you in a number of ways. First, if you are traveling for a while, you can notify your neighbors, and they’ll keep an eye on your apartment.

Additionally, if you have a rapport with your neighbors, they’ll notify you of security news in the community. For instance, if you are a student, you may not be around most of the time; however, if there’s an incident, you can trust your neighbors will inform you.

Another clear benefit of having a great relationship is they can always bail you out. For example, one of the 3 best personal protection gadgets is a super door stop alarm. Once the alarm goes off, the neighbors will come to your rescue, scaring the thieves away.

Unfortunately, unlike in previous years, people are more content living life without knowing their neighbors. This means more people are increasingly living in communities where they don’t know anyone. In such an instance, helping out anyone will prove a hard task since you may not be certain who lives there.

Luckily, there’s no procedure for knowing your neighbors. Once you move into a new environment, you can just introduce yourself to your neighbors and let them know you’ve just moved into the neighborhood. You can also use this opportunity to get more information about the community and the measures in place to guarantee security.

3. Educate kids about harassment

Data shows that women and children stand a greater risk of being attacked by criminals. This is largely because these two groups are identified as weaker or inferior groups. This revelation heightens the importance of investing in the 3 best personal protection gadgets for women and children.

This revelation also brings forward the importance of educating children about abuse and harassment. When kids have the right information, they will not go off wandering into unknown areas without adult supervision. They’ll also be cautious of strangers and even moments that seem dangerous.

Moreover, equipped with the right information, your children will grow up knowing what is right and what is not. And this way, you don’t have to worry about how they behave and treat others when they grow up.

Kids are also a source of information as they see a lot more than you might give them credit. When they see something wrong, they will not hesitate to report it or let another person know. So, take the time to educate your children on appropriate behavior, what to stay away from, and most importantly, whom to report such matters too.

Children are also themselves victims of such attacks. And when they are equipped with the right information, and in some cases, the 3 best personal protection gadgets for women and children, they’ll be impervious to most of these attacks and harassment cases.

Educating kids about security doesn’t have to take a formal approach. In most cases, the best and most effective tip is to have a natural conversation with them. Allow them to contribute to the conversation, and you may be surprised just how much they know.

4. Work with the authorities

Admittedly, communities cannot drive all crime out of the crime out of society. In a bit, this is why you need the 3 best personal protection gadgets for women and children.

As such, one of the best ways to rid crime out of your community is by involving the authorities. With the right information, the police can work on getting these criminals. However, when the community is unwilling to work with the police, the crime stats will continue thriving, and the community will suffer.

Most local authorities open to the idea of community involvement. Besides getting the 3 best personal protection gadgets for women and children, these local authorities will do their part in reducing these crime rates.

If you look at areas where there are community and authority integration, you’ll notice there is little crime. That is not to say you won’t see a crime in these areas. However, the community is always willing to report suspicious activity.

If there is no active community and authority integration in your community, you can look at creative ways to create such a relationship. For example, you can go to the local authorities and see if there are any such initiatives in place. If there are none, you can also suggest if they can create one.

5. Keep your environment clean

Thieves and criminals target places where there seems to be no one around. As mentioned above, one of the ways to keep your home and yourself safe is by notifying your neighbors.

Another creative measure is keeping your immediate surroundings clean. This way, these thieves will think there’s someone at home and will be reluctant to rob the place.

Thieves, especially burglars, are known as petty criminals. This is mainly because they love targeting areas that seem easy to rob. So, if your lawn is unkempt, or if the environment seems messy, these petty criminals will take advantage, thinking you’re not at home.

This also means you need to keep your windows clean and ensure you maintain your environment. For example, another tactic these criminals use to target the houses to rob is looking at what valuables can be seen through the window.

If your windows are left open, these thieves can see what they can easily make a profit on. Besides having the 3 best personal protection gadgets for women and children, you can also deter these criminals. So, bolt down the windows you don’t use, and cover up the rest, especially when you’re not at home. Other self-defense measures, such as getting a super door stop alarm, are also effective in keeping these criminals away.

5. Create digital security platforms

The internet has spread to every corner of the world. While there are many uses, you can also use the internet to your advantage. Not everyone is going to be present in these community neighborhood watch programs. However, a digital solution may be the best option as you don’t have to worry about physically attending to get security updates.

Take, for instance, there is a Facebook group in the community. If there’s a security incident in the neighborhood, you can read about it, and in case you don’t have a way to safeguard yourself, you can also get some of the 3 best personal protection gadgets for women and children.

Digital platforms are also easy to access, whether you’re living in the area or not. This way, you can look up the crime stats and data of a community. This creates an opportunity where you can directly influence the growth of your community.

For instance, if you’re looking to move to a new environment, you can look up if there’s any information on the region online. You’ll likely notice the regions that are secure go for higher prices. On the other hand, communities that aren’t secure will have low prices. As such, if you want to influence your community’s property rates, one of the ways to accomplish this is by creating an online platform where you can update residents and prospective on the security data in your community.

3 Best Personal Protection Gadgets

The above information clearly outlines what a community should do to ensure the neighborhood is safe and secure. However, even with these communal tips, you need to make sure you’re ready to defend yourself and fend off an attacker.

There are multiple tools, devices, and tips you can use in the art of self-defense. These gadgets and devices are often manufactured, ready to use. Most of them, in fact, come already equipped.

But, that doesn’t mean you should go and collect every self-defense gadget out there. For a start, some of these devices are bulky and heavy, making it difficult to carry them around.

Fortunately, you have an effective yet condensed list of items you can use in various situations. For this condensed list, let’s focus on the 3 best personal protection devices for you.

Before a personal alarm item can make its way to this list, it must have a practical use, must be highly efficient, easily available, and cost-effective.

Here are the 3 best personal protection gadgets.


1. Wildfire Pepper Gel

Picture this, you get held up late at work or school, and as you are walking home, it’s already dark. Suddenly, you notice the shadow of someone following you.

What you do, at this point, will impact the outcome. You can try and run away, screaming. That might scare off the assailant. However, if they are undeterred, you have to look for another approach.

In a second scenario, picture the same, only this time, you have Wildfire pepper gel. This time, you can pull out your can of pepper spray and surprise the attacker.

In the second scenario, you are likely to survive and even conquer the ordeal. In the first one, you may be lucky to get away, but, in most cases, the attacker will pursue you until they find you. That’s why the wildfire pepper gel makes on the list as one of the 3 best personal protection devices.

The wildfire pepper gel is not your everyday pepper spray. This brand is made from some of the hottest peppers in the world. Measuring at about 2 million units on SHU’s scale, the pepper spray will leave your attacker disoriented for 45 minutes.

Additionally, this pepper gel comes with a UV mark that sticks to the attacker once you spray them. This UV mark is detectable under special UV light.

So, should you report the incident, the perp is easy to identify.

The other reason why the Wildfire pepper gel makes it to the 3 best personal protection devices is its ease of use. You can use the device indoors or outside. It also has a wide range, making it effective even when the assailant is not within arm’s reach. Get your pepper spray today and start building your 3 best personal protection devices list.

2. Stun Gun

It goes without saying; the stun gun is an excellent addition to the list of 3 best personal protection devices. Stun guns and Tasers haven’t always been effective. In some cases, they would even malfunction. There’s no worse feeling than knowing you could have protected yourself, but the device failed to operate.

Luckily, this stun gun has been developed with you in mind. That’s why it is specially customized always to protect you at all times. The best evidence of the work put in to craft this stun gun masterpiece is the lifetime warranty offered upon purchase.

That’s right; once you receive your stun gun, you can permanently add it to your 3 best personal protection devices. A few decades from now, it will still be active, as countless people have experienced.

Additionally, the stun gun has a shock of 20 million volts. This will temporarily incapacitate your attacker as you make your next move. You can also charge the stun gun with your USB cable.

When attacking an assailant, you need the ideal gadget from your 3 best personal protection gadgets – the stun gun. It comes with a comfortable rubber coating a nylon belt holster. These features make the stun gun an easy self-defense tool.

Moreover, the stun gun is an ideal candidate for your 3 best personal protection gadgets as it’s easy to use. The stun gun comes with an easy trigger, which you just need to press once you have skin contact. This makes the stun gun an ideal self-protection device, especially when the attacker is close to you.

You can use the stun gun both indoors and outdoors. You can also use it in a crowded place as you only need to single out the attacker and neutralize them with a stun gun. And with a shock value of about 20,000,000 volts, you’ll have time to either run away or call for help.

3. Super Door Stop Alarm

The devices detailed above are mostly used when you’re active. In both cases, you need to take the initiative to either protect or defend yourself.

With the stun gun, you have to make contact with the assailant. And with the pepper spray, the attacker has to be relatively close to you.

But, what happens when you’re asleep? How do you protect yourself if you don’t know when the burglar will attack? Fortunately, with the super door stop alarm as part of your 3 best personal protection gadgets, you’ll be safe at all times.

It’s no secret; burglars love an easy score. If you’re traveling, and you sleep in a motel, you could be burglarized. If you live alone, you could be burglarized. If you live in a college dorm or apartment, you could also b burglarized.

So, how does a door stop alarm help you when protecting yourself? Well, the door alarm has a number of functionalities that help it get onto the 3 best personal protection gadgets list.

The super door stop alarm comes equipped with a wedge that’s nearly impossible to remove. As a result, once you place it on the door, no one from the opposite side can access your house or room.

Additionally, the super door stop alarm also comes equipped with a 120dB alarm. This means if anyone tries messing with the door, the alarm will go off, alerting you and everyone close to the door.

You can also change the alarm’s sensitivity to match your surroundings. If you do feel unsafe and are worried someone could break-in, you can have it at maximum sensitivity. That way, even the slightest disturbance will alert you.

The super door stop alarm makes a great addition to the 3 best personal protection gadgets in 2020 as it is effective and easy to carry. You can toss it in your handbag or travel bag and use it when at home or in foreign environments such as a motel or when you go to a sleepover.

The Xtreme Urban Survival Kit

Evidently, the above mentioned gadgets are arguably the 3 best personal protection gadgets available today. Instead of getting a single item at a time, you can easily get the xtreme urban survival kit.

When you order the xtreme urban survival kit, you’ll get;

· 1 state of the art spike stun gun that dispenses 20,000,000 volts

· 1 modern wildfire sticky pepper gel

· 1 quality super door stop alarm

The xtreme urban  survival kit is a great addition to your traveling items. Moreover, if you have a female in your life, such as your mother, daughter, sister, and other female friends, you can get them the extreme urban survival kit as it has everything they need.

And while the urban survival kit makes for a great gift, you should also get one for yourself. Since you don’t know when or where you might be attacked, it helps to always be prepared.

At the end of the day, every party should ensure a safer and brighter future for everyone. There is a role for the community as a whole, but there’s also the part you have to play. When you protect yourself and those you love and care for, the whole community thrives.

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