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A Woman’s Ultimate Guide on Stun Guns

A Woman’s Ultimate Guide on Stun Guns


According to data released by the World Health Organization (WHO), there has been a worrying rise in cases related to gender-based violence. Unfortunately, women and girls are more often than not on the receiving end, with the data revealing at least one in three women faced violence at least once in their lifetime.

This data is seconded by statistics from various independent sources, including the UN Women, National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, and the UNHCR. Adding insult to injury, a significant portion of these violent attacks are carried out by people women are familiar with.

For most women, this means you have to think about your safety at all times. Whether you’re at home, walking from school, or traveling for safety or pleasure, safety and security need to be at the top of your mind and priorities.

The current pandemic status has resulted in many women having to stay in toxic relationships and environments. As a result, women from all over have had to endure the violence of all kinds. And with the pandemic currently see-sawing, there needs to be another solution to effectively bulk up the female self defense kit

The subject of safety and security for women requires a multifaceted approach. There’s what the community can do, and then there are steps that you, as a woman, can take to improve your security. There are also solutions that bridge the personal and communal gap in women’s security. Urban Safety Solutions is one such solution. is a stellar example of a multifaceted approach. While you can get complete ladies self defense kit and increase the security of women in your community, ladies can also get the best women’s self defense kit for personal security. provides the most effective and practical tools and tips for self defense kits for women of all ages and backgrounds. If you’re on the search for black owned self defense kit ideas, is a great resource.

Communal safety security tips and ideas to protect women 


So, what can the community do to improve the safety and security of all ladies in society? Here are a few ideas and guiding principles;

Light up streets and roads around neighborhoods and institutions 


From the data shared above, it seems attackers and criminals take advantage of dark places around neighborhoods and institutions to attack women. Generally, most ladies are advised to stay away from dark corners and travel in the dark to avoid predators.

However, this solution is not only half-baked; it’s also ineffective and impractical in many cases. For instance, if you have a late class, you will inevitably have to leave school late, which could compromise your security.

An excellent fix for such events and situations is to improve security by lighting up the streets. One of thieves’ commonest fear is being identified. When there is sufficient lighting, you can make out unscrupulous characters from far off. As a result, they are more likely to avoid you and choose easier targets where they have the cover of darkness.

Admittedly, improving the lighting situation in most school campuses is not a comprehensive solution on its own. However, when coupled with other preventative measures, this simple act can effectively work at deterring predators.

Report and follow up on cases of violence against women 


It is quite unfortunate that most violent acts against women go unreported. To most ladies, reporting does little-to-no good as the follow-up from local and federal security agencies is lacking. There are numerous cases where women have reported being attacked, yet the police fail to act or choose to act when it’s too late.

One of the best ways to improve security in any society is by providing prompt and effective follow-up solutions. For example, pepper spray is one of the commonly used items from UrbanSafetySolutions. This item can be purchased as part of the Xtreme urban survival kit, and once deployed, it leaves an identifiable UV light that can be used to identify a perpetrator even after the crime.

If a female reports a case of a violent attack where she had to use pepper spray and gel from the personal security kit for women, relevant law enforcement agencies should use this information to track down the perp and deliver the appropriate justice.

More than enough data shows criminals tend to stay away from communities with effective and timely follow-up on crimes. This applies to all cases, whether dealing with home break-ins or attacks on the road.

Create women-geared community security groups 


Different communities across the country have security watch groups to improve the safety and security levels in communities. These watch groups go a great way in protecting the communities against crime and violent attacks.

The real estate sector has particularly benefitted from watch groups. In areas where these groups are vigilant, there’s a clear drop in crimes such as break-ins. If these groups can be geared towards protecting women in the community, gender-based crimes and acts of violence can also be significantly reduced.

Additionally, since there are already many existing securities watch groups and protection plans and programs, creating a female-oriented strategy is easy. When the community pulls together, more women will feel safer.

Consequently, these groups can help deter crimes as well as create a conducive environment for everyone. Safer communities improve the aesthetic, general value, and living conditions. This can then enhance the investment profile of such communities.

If women feel safe in a community, they are likely to open thriving businesses and provide additional investment opportunities. This is a proven concept that can work in any part of the country.

Create easy reporting platforms for women facing violence 


There are numerous cases where women shy away from reporting crimes because they feel there aren’t enough safe platforms for them to do so.

For instance, in the report mentioned above, a significant number of crimes against women are carried out by people they know. This usually means most women are attacked by people in the community, and more often than not, family, friends, and close relatives. When women report these crimes, they often have to go back to the same communities. If no action is taken against the perpetrator, they are likely to repeat the offense.

More action is needed at the national and community levels to create safe and conducive reporting strategies and mechanisms. Only when women feel safe will they come forward with cases of gender violence.

Personal safety security tips and ideas to protect women 


While there’s what the community can do to increase protection and safety levels for women, there’s also what you can do in a personal capacity. Coupled with the abovementioned tips and strategies, these personal tips can help you be safer. You can use the personal security package for women whether you’re at home, in school, or traveling.

Invest in a practical stun gun kit 


When it comes to your personal security, no cost is high. There are countless accounts of violence on ladies that have left them with severe injuries and life-long trauma. In many incidences, these crimes against women have led to the loss of lives.

To improve your security at all times, you should consider getting a girl self defense kit. These kits, such as those found at, are specifically built for women. A great example is the women-friendly stun gun. These stun guns are easy to use, can be concealed with your everyday fashion, and are small enough to fit in your purse. Consequently, a stun gun for women is one of the most popular items included in the self defense kit for purse and college self defense packages.

Today, there are numerous products and gadgets that women can safely use. While a stun gun kit is ideal for most situations, you can also think about a complete home self defense kit that can help boost your safety when you’re at home or indoors. When dealing with Urban Safety Solutions, most of these protection gadgets can be found in the urban college survival kit.

Exercise caution when sharing on social media 


Criminals will often use any information to track you down and keep tabs on you. Whether you’re traveling, going out, or working late, it’s always important to be careful with what you share on your social media platforms.

If you give out too much information about yourself, a criminal can track you and wait when you’re most vulnerable. Additionally, you’re advised to exercise caution on sharing your location, activities, and schedule if you’re traveling. In many cases, burglars will choose to attack your home when they know you’re away. Having an effective burglar deterrent system, such as a stun gun alarm kit, will help you safeguard your home at all times.

If you’re traveling or on vacation, one of the strategies you can employ is delaying your social media posts. For instance, instead of sharing live photos of what you’re doing or where you are, wait until you move to the next town before posting the images. This way, if someone is trying to track you through social media platforms, they’ll always be a step behind.

Walk in a group when possible. 


As highlighted above, an attacker will always wait until you’re vulnerable before attacking you. This is why most criminals will approach you when you’re alone o separated from others.

If you know you’re going to leave work or school late, it’s always advisable to have someone with you when leaving. If this is not possible, you can also seek help from a trusted source. For example, if you’re leaving school and need to go to your car, you can have a security guard escort you through the dark car lot. This simple act will deter any criminal from attacking you. In most institutions, guards and other staff members are trained and encouraged to provide help to women whenever possible.

Take up some self-defense classes. 


One of the top reasons why most criminals attack women is they are viewed as the weaker sex. When a male criminal is attacking you, they’ll likely depend on their strength to try and subdue you.

To avoid getting yourself in helpless situations, you can enroll in safety and self-defense classes. These programs are designed to help you get out of compromising situations. Moreover, since the attacker will likely not be expecting you to fight back, doing so effectively can scare them away.

In compromising situations, you can also use the element of surprise to your advantage. Together with having the best self-defense kit, these techniques will significantly increase your odds of getting away.

Incorporate effective non lethal self-defense products in your daily life 


The unfortunate reality is you don’t know when someone could attack you or take advantage of you. As mentioned earlier, cases of violence against women are often orchestrated by people within your circles. Whether you’re at home, with friends, or in school, you should always carry your self-defense gadgets.

When buying a self-defense combo kit, opt for products that effectively blend with your daily fashion and everyday wear. For example, a stun gun can be considered part of your cute self defense kit as it can fashionably fit with your keys or even as part of your purse or bag.

When you have your safety DIY self defense kit, you can be in charge of your security at all times. Additionally, since most perpetrators won’t expect you to use your purse when defending yourself, having the defense item clutched with your bag will likely catch them unprepared.

With these and more protection and safety tips and ideas, you’ll stand a greater chance of defending yourself should the need arise. With that said, what are some of the best college personal security kit? While there are many products you can use to protect yourself, a stun gun stands out as an effective perp deterrent tool.

Which stun gun is the best? What are some considerations you should think about before buying your stun gun package for personal protection? And, just how effective are stun guns? Here’s all the information you need to know about stun guns as a self-protection tool.

What is a stun gun


Stun guns are a term used for electroshock weapon devices that deliver an electric shock through direct contact with a perceived threat. These electroshock guns can temporarily disrupt the functioning of various motor and muscles workings of the body.

While they are not lethal weapons, they can deliver substantial pain to your attacker and give you a precious window to either get help or get away from the situation. Modern stun guns, such as the spike stun kit, also come with two sharp edges that can be used to create more contact with the skin. As such, you can use spike stun guns even over clothing or other light material.

Stun guns are most effective when used in direct skin contact. Additionally, you want to aim for target areas that increase the effects of the shock. Some target areas you can use the stun gun include the neck, face, and thighs.  

While stun guns are often mistaken for Tasers, there are a few differences between the two products. The major difference is a stun gun requires direct skin contact while a Taser can produce electric shock through projectile wires.

Today, stun guns are pretty standard and are primarily used as a protection device by women. A stun gun for college is an excellent resource for any school-going lady. Most stun guns are easy to use and conceal, thus make the ideal self-protection weapon. Get your stun gun personal alarm kit today from Urban Safety Solutions.

How do stun guns work


Stun guns deliver a low amperage but high voltage charge that interferes with the normal working of the nervous system and various muscle groups. When the muscle groups and nervous systems are compromised, the attacker will likely suffer temporary paralysis and confusion.

The right spike stun gun package will deliver short bursts of high-voltage shock once you press the trigger. The result will be significant discomfort and immense pressure on your attacker. However, it’s right to mention these effects are short-lived and rarely life-threatening. A personal security stun gun for women can be customized to make them easier to grip and dispense the trigger.

How effective are stun guns


Mostly preferred by women, this self defense kit black owned gadget can prove to be your best bet against a criminal. For the most effective results, you should use the personal safety stun gun for women against some of the most sensitive parts of your attacker. These include the neck, shoulders, underarm, groin, and belly.

When you’re being attacked, it may not be easy to remember these areas, so you can also go for other exposed parts of the body. Stun guns are incredibly effective and work nearly all the time.

To increase the efficacy of your stun gun, maintain skin contact when you deploy the trigger for at least 5 seconds. In most cases, the attacker won’t know what hit them, and they’ll likely fall into confusion. Moreover, you should try and avoid areas of the body that are covered by many or heavy layers of clothing.

For example, a tough or dense jacket could insulate the attacker from the shock. A personal safety stun gun for college students is one of the highly recommended self-defense products on the market. Always  keep your stun gun personal alarm kit close to you for ease of use and deployment at all times.

Stun guns work very quickly and will instantly incapacitate your attacker. However, you should choose the right moment to use them as the criminal can recover in a dozen minutes or so.

Factors to consider when buying your stun gun 


As seen above, stun guns are an effective weapon to help you easily escape compromising situations. To use the stun gun, you need to be in close proximity with the attacker, so there are various considerations you want to think about before choosing the right product for you. Some of the considerations to factor when buying your stun gun include;

Learning how the specific product works 


There are numerous stun gun makes and designs in the market today. While they all have nearly the same effect, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the brand product you’re buying.

For example, many modern stun guns come in concealable designs. Make sure you are comfortable with the design and that you can easily use the products. Stun guns from Urban Safety Solutions come with various settings where you can adjust the level of shock transmitted based on your attacker. These stun guns can deliver up to 2 million volts of electric shock, but the power is well within your control.

Checking if they are permitted in your campus or location 


Stun guns are pretty standard today. Since they are easy to carry and highly effective, they make the ideal self-defense weapon. However, there are several places where these products are not permitted. Before buying one, check what the rules and regulations stipulate in your school.

If they are not permitted, you can request permission to have the stun gun around the campus. Since these gadgets are used in cases of self-protection, most schools accept them if you have prior authorization.  

What is the voltage level, and how can you recharge them? 


As mentioned, the various makes and designs each have their specifications. Before you purchase a stun gun, go over the various manufacturer specs to better understand the products. Ensure you’re comfortable with the design, voltage level, and charging mechanism. Urban Safety Solutions have considered the powering options, and you can now get stun guns that can be easily charged with a basic USB cable.

Ultimately, stun guns are one of the best and most effective self-protection weapons in the market today. If you’re worried about your safety or would like to take appropriate safety measures to make sure you’re never caught with your guard down, then a stun gun is your ideal self-defense gadget. Invest in your security today by getting an appropriate stun gun for you, and if you ever need to use it, you will be more than prepared for any scenario.


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