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Affordable Alternative To Expensive Security Systems For Apartments

HomeSafe® Wireless Home Security System

It’s challenging being a single mother, I have a lot of things on my plate. I need to step it up to make enough to be able to support my kid as well as myself.

When there were reports of a couple of  burglaries in  our urban Saint Louis, Mo community, I started to worry about our own security. I go to work and my boy goes to school so our home is typically empty. As a solution, I sought out an affordable alternative to expensive security systems for home use.

While surfing around, I found the HomeSafe wireless home security system. It wasn’t only affordable but also easy to operate and set up. The alarm triggers whenever somebody tries to enter the house through a window or a door. And it will contact up to 5 pre-progammed telephone numbers to be able to notify you of activity.

This kind of wireless security system features a base unit, an AC adaptor, a window/door sensor having a wireless transmission of approximately 250 feet, a motion sensor with an 8-yard range, a remote control, and also a panic feature to switch on and deactivate the unit. It requires a land line with tone dialing to function.

As soon as motion is detected by a home security system such as this one, it transmits a signal towards the base unit and contacts the first pre-programmed telephone number on the list. The individual that accepts the phone call will then hear a prerecorded alert message.

That individual could listen in on the room, broadcast their voice via the base unit or disarm the system. In case nobody answers the very first telephone call or disarms the system, the unit is going to begin calling the next programmed phone number.

I found out that wireless home security systems are a cheap option for securing any kind of household. It does not matter if my boy and I are home or not because we will be notified either way to a possible intruder breaking in.

I am thrilled that I was able to locate an affordable alternative to expensive security systems that I normally come across. By hook or by crook, I am normally capable of finding low-cost solutions to our needs.

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