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Affordable In Home Surveillance Cameras

Families researching affordable in home surveillance cameras online are often amazed to see surveillance cameras, nanny cams and household items.  Finding affordable in home surveillance cameras has become a priority for concerned families needing to keep a watchful eye over an elderly loved one to safeguard against mistreatment and elderly abuse.

Today’s advanced technology makes it so much easier for a family to choose affordable in home surveillance cameras to protect their loved one from physical abuse by a visiting nurse while in the home. Affordable in home surveillance cameras such as the Wall Clock Hidden Camera DVR is a popular choice of many families wanting to monitor the care a loved one is receiving while at a senior care facility or at the home of  the patient. Protecting your loved one from elderly abuse with the installation of affordable in home surveillance cameras such as a granny cam, nanny cam or hidden camera is always a smart decision.

A few months ago, we were all shocked to learn about an elderly patient at a nursing home suffering with Alzheimer’s disease being mistreated and physically abused by the health care staff entrusted to protect and care for her. The son of the ill patient covertly placed a hidden camera like the Tower Fan Hidden Camera DVR in the room of his mother after noticing unexplained red marks across her face. The horrifying video evidence of elderly abuse and patient abuse by workers in the nursing home confirmed the sons suspicions of physical abuse at the elder care home. Affordable in home surveillance cameras are available in a variety of  styles and are extremely easy to operate.

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