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Are There Different Types Of Stun Guns?

Yes, when exploring the market you will be able to find several different types and models of stun guns.  Normally, the type you choose will be determined by your preference and the most effective way to use it.

Among some of the most common ones you will find:

Compact or Mini Stun Guns: Of course this refers to smaller models which are usually easier to carry in your pocket or purse.

Stun Gun Flashlight: Refers to devices that not only look like a regular flashlight but also, additional to the regular use of a stun gun, can be used to provide light as any “traditional” flashlight does.  Usually the bright light it produces can be used to blind the attacker temporarily.

Baton Stun Gun: These are stun guns built with a “long stick” which allows you to shock an attacker and at the same time maintain a safer distance.  These can also be used as a weapon like a regular police baton.

Heavy Duty Stun Guns: These, of course, as the name implies are usually used by professional security experts like security guards or policemen.

Please keep the above information in mind when purchasing a stun device for someone other than yourself.

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