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Babysitter Hidden Camera DVR

Carbon Monoxide Detector DVR

Many new parents face a big challenge of who to leave their
newborn child with especially when they go out for the first time. These
parents will opt to leave the child with a trusted neighbor, relative or friend
rather than take the risk of a nanny. This is because the moral character, reliability
and honesty of a nanny are questionable. That is why there is need to have a
babysitter hidden camera dvr to monitor the baby sitter and the kids.

Most baby sitters tend to be reluctant especially when they
know nobody is around. They can fall into temptations like drinking, using
drugs, mistreating the child or even sneaking out of the house which is a very
big risk to the child.

The only possible way to monitor the baby sitter and the
house is by using hidden security camera dvr. They come disguised as teddy
bears, clocks, flower vessels, wall clocks and even toys for kids. The device
works when powered has a hidden dvr which records images. The camera has
a memory card with a capacity of 8GB. It also has the potential of recording up to
145 hours. You can however extend the time by using a motion activator. This is
one of the best way to monitor your nanny and your kid without them noticing.

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