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Being Certain Hampton, New York Landlord Not Watching You On Spy Camera

Lens Finder Bug Detector

A family who rented a luxury home in East Hampton, New York for $6,500-a-week. Discovered a network of hidden cameras had been covertly video recording their every move. They found the spy cameras after four days into their vacation all over the house including some concealed cameras that were pointed at bedroom and shower areas.

Donald Torr, the landlord of the expensive East Hampton, New York summer rental, installed spy cameras throughout the home and secretly video recorded the nine family members in the nude. Using IP cameras, the perverted creep saved the video recording to an embedded dvr that can also transmit live video in real time via the Internet.

The landlord admitted to viewing the spy videos, but claims that he installed the cameras to prevent squatters from breaking into the home.

Prosecutors are investigating the video recordings and deciding whether to charge Donald Torr.


Did you ever notice how reality television program video cameras would need to follow another person into the bathroom sometime during an episode? That is not important in case they are wannabe top fashion models or designers, ore even celebrity job applicants, or whatever. Numerous individuals watch these Realty TV “stars” pulling their pants up immediately after getting up from the restroom. We do not see the actual business done but we catch a flash of under garments and also skin.

Plus, there are the wannabe YouTube sensations. They use their own Web cams to broadcast themselves carrying out dumb stuff within the privacy of their bedrooms. And then you will find the private citizens-people like all of us that desire to secure our own privacy. Nowadays, spy cameras can follow us in the toilet without our knowledge. The truth is, they are there ahead of us. Thus, we must buy hidden camera detector gadgets in order to stay private.

These kinds of devices, also know as bug detectors, can locate hidden video cameras or microphones by sensing their particular operating frequencies.

My own lens finder bug detector utilized modern-day laser frequency visual detection technology. If I look through its viewing port, I can see any hidden video camera lenses within ten feet flash red. By sliding the control switch towards RF mode, I can sense the wide band radio frequency of wireless devices.

This bug locator has 4 LEDs to be able to tell us its signal strength, which it also indicates using sound and also vibration. It features a silent detection mode, and I can adjust from how far it can sense bugs and also hidden cameras.

The bug tracker can detect frequencies anyplace from 1 MHz to 6 GHz. The moment it does, this tells me using a vibrating or audible warning.

I bring my own wired or wireless video camera multifunctional detector anywhere restrooms, fitting rooms, hotel rooms or anywhere else nanny cams and bugs can be hidden.

Everyone else in my household wants to be on Reality TV. Me, if ever I appear on TV, it will be to inform people to buy hidden camera detector products. Privacy is a right which we have to protect.

A spy camera locator such as the lens finder bug detector, gives women peace of mind that their privacy is safeguarded.

Any and all spy cams will be detected using laser frequency visual detection technology.

Being certain Hampton, New York landlord not watching you on spy camera is possible with the lens finder bug detector.

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