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Best Concealed Non Lethal Weapon

Carrying weapons around can be quite self satisfying. It gives you that added feeling of security knowing that when something goes wrong, you can always get something out from your bag that could protect you. Wouldn’t it be nice to be prepared and ready despite walking down that narrow alley on your way home? You need something that is small enough to fit in your purse but also should be enough to bring your attacker down.
Pump up your style and pick one or two from this list of best concealed non lethal weapon.
1. Pepper Spray
This has been one of the most commonly used best concealed non lethal weapon present on every purse today. It is handy, cost-affordable and effective for defense. Most pepper sprays can hit a target within 8 to 10 feet radius.
2. Stun Gun
If getting closer to your attacker doesn’t bother you, this may be the weapon of choice fit for you. Although the noise it creates is enough to ward off your attacker, that 53 million volts is enough to drop your attacker down.
3. Stun Baton
A combination of a baseball bat and the electrifying power of a stun gun, this weapon has dual functionality. Despite the high voltage enough to stun your attacker, you can also swing it hard to your attacker before he comes near you.
4. Super LED Flashlight
If your only goal is to run away from your attacker without that much of violence, this may be the weapon for you. It has the capacity to flash off 1200 lumens which is enough to leave your attacker temporarily blind.
5. Taser
Having a stun gun and a firearm merged together, the taser has a range of 15 feet that can temporarily shake your attacker’s central nervous system. With this weapon, you’re attacker will surely drop on the floor both stunned and shaking.
Safety has been one of our major concern in the welfare of the family. In our everyday lives, we are faced in different types of danger. In every step we make, we do most in our power to protect ourselves and especially those we care about from harm. We take precaution and try to anticipate as much as we can so we will not be caught off guard by mishaps. However, there are lots of times that we encounter ill-hearted people who also has their own drive for desperation. We have to admit that the world is not a safe place to live in thus, it is always wise to be a step ahead of those who wishes to do us harm. Knowing self defense and having things handy that we could use to defend ourselves could save us and those that we care about. Carrying concealed non lethal weapons may be our best bet for survival.

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