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Best Gadget Against Peeping Toms Using Hidden Cameras

Lens Finder Bug Detector

“Wait, what is a concealed video camera detector doing on your own desk?” Darla quietly asked. She knew the tiny device that fit in a pocket or handbag was a bug detector given that I had provided her a photo on the web. But she never really imagined I would get one.

Just as there are spy cams to keep an eye on individuals, sometimes maliciously, there are bug detectors to counter these monitoring gear including covert microphones, I revealed to Darla. And I got suspicious there was a concealed video camera in the ladies’ room. With a bug finder, I wanted to know.

“There is a high-tech peeping tom each time we all pee and you did not let me know?” Darla shrieked. I shushed her and stated I usually felt getting watched each time I was inside the bathroom. I would look into the cubicles but nothing, though the spooky sensation wouldn’t leave. Therefore, I started to suspect it was another way of being watched.

My very own lens finder bug detector would help verify my very own suspicions. It is a wired or wireless camera multifunctional detector in which takes advantage of the newest laser frequency visual detection method or radio frequency to determine the existence of hidden cameras in a particular area.

I informed Darla any camera lenses inside a 10-foot range would flash red if I used the specially focused viewing interface. That was if I was alone inside the bathroom. Or else, I could wave this around and allow the RF function take over.

I walked out to head to the ladies’ room, bug locator on hand. I place this to silent detection mode and would be notified with a vibrate signal in the event that is was affirmative. I was by myself and opted for the viewing port focusing on the ceiling.

I nearly jumped when I caught the red flash overhead. I was correct! A person was playing dirty with the ladies inside the building. The building administrator had better move his butt fast before all hell broke loose.

Darla found me smiling when I went back. “What is a hidden cam detector good for, you inquire?” I informed her, “It is to blind peeping toms.”

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