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Best In Home Self Defense For Home Alone Nightmare



TASER® C2 Gold Kit Fashion Pink



The following story is a scary reminder of the importance of  planning the best in home self defense

I heard a chilling story yesterday that I feel compelled to share with you.  A man and his wife had recently adopted a dog.  When the man left one morning, his wife was in the shower, and she was surprised to hear the dog start barking.

Loud, non-stop barking.  She hadn’t heard the dog bark in the 2 weeks they had owned it.  So she put on a bath robe and went out to find the dog standing by the front door, still barking.

She looked out the window, and then opened up the door but didn’t see anything out of the ordinary.  The dog kept barking, and the woman got a sudden chill down her spine.

She knew that something was wrong, but didn’t know what to do.  So she went to her room, locked the door, and dialed 911.  After explaining her dog’s strange behavior and her location, she was told: “Get out of the house. . .Get out as fast as you can.”  And then the terrified woman understood.  The dog wasn’t barking at the front door, he was barking at the closet next to the front door.

Because hiding inside of that closet was a man with bad intentions who had broken into 13 other homes in the neighborhood in the last week.

I am happy to report the woman made it out alive.  This incident has changed the woman’s life forever.  She has been scared into taking control of her personal protection.  She recently took a self defense class because she refuses to feel that helpless feeling again. The Taser C2 is a non-lethal alternative to a handgun and is just as effective. The best in home self defense begins with being prepared and having a plan of action in mind.

She knows that man could have overpowered her, and she knows it’s her responsibility to do something about it.  Friend, this story brings up something important.  You will never regret responsible preparation.  You will never regret being ready, just in case.

Again, the importance of  preparation can’t be over emphasized for the best in home self defense.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!


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