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Best Method Of Performing Movie-Style Spying In Real Life


I thought that spy watches were simply for the movies. There was a time when I dreamed of owning one when I was a kid. When I saw a spy movie recently this desire appeared again. So I decided to get myself one.

What I acquired was the real deal no pun meant. Even though it is far from its surreal film role my sport watch video camera with audio and built-in micro 4GB DVR offered solutions to numerous surveillance activities that I had not been able to carry out. It is among those covert cameras which come in ordinary-looking designs to make them less obvious.

It has a clever disguise that allows discreet monitoring. Even my buddies have not detected this hidden feature because it appears like a normal accessory.

I once tried it on my buddies. I pretended to sleep resting my head on my folded arms with the sport watch hidden camera lens focused on them. Considering that we were sitting around in a circle while awaiting another friend it was able to capture most of the people in the group. I truly did went to sleep while the built-in video and audio recorders went to work.

Although my buddies spoke softly the sport watch hidden camera recorded their conversation. It is a relief to learn that they are my true friends. Even though they talked about me being a sleepyhead there was no mention of something that damaged my character.

Given that the DVR feature required no programming just before use I was able to record right on. I was touched as I watched the scenes from my laptop computer when I connected the sport watch hidden camera to it through its USB cable.

There are also surveillance tools that allow viewing by connecting them to displays by using RCA cables and others by inserting their memory cards in PC card reading slots. The advantage of both viewing modes are available in numerous spy cameras.

Im wondering what else I can put in my mini cameras built-in 4 GB memory. It looks like the possibilities with spy watches are endless.

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