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Best Non Lethal Weapons For Women | Xtreme Urban Survival Kit

Xtreme Urban Survival Kit with 2 ounce wildfire pepper gel, black spike 20 million volt rechargeable stun gun and 125 decibel super door stop alarm



Best Non-Lethal Weapons for Women | Xtreme Urban Survival Kit

“She was dressed like a slut…she was asking for it.”

This is the kind of victim-blaming that goes on after a woman gets raped. It’s ugly, and it reflects the rot in society—the deeply entrenched rape culture. Women should empower themselves with non-lethal weapons to avoid being a rape statistic. Many ladies, at times, have this mindset that “So and so will protect me.”

Hello, you can be your own protector using the best non-lethal weapons for women. Urban Safety Solutions offers women a large selection of non lethal personal protection items and popular black owned self defense kit.

When on-campus or at home alone, being a single female comes with endless personal safety and security concerns, however, non-lethal weapons can keep you safe from people with ill intentions.

In case you don’t have any combative skills or haven’t had the opportunity to rehearse, the best non-lethal weapons women will take better care of you. Regularly, these weapons and protective gear incorporate stun guns, pepper spray, and door stop alarms. There’s plenty of  non lethal defensive options available @

Rape occurs every day. Out of each 6 American ladies, one is a survivor of sexual assault. Additionally, most of the rape casualties are individuals between 18 and 34 years old. Here is how to stay safe with the best non-lethal weapons for women:

Get the Spike Stun Gun Kit @

A stun gun is a small personal defense tool that uses an electrical shock to incapacitate an attacker. The effects are powerfully immobilizing, but they wear off in about an hour, with no serious damage caused to whoever it’s used upon.

The Spike Stun gun is impressively compact—it fits in the palm of a hand. Once activated, it unleashed 20 million volts on the attacker. When you hold it in your hand, the trigger button rests square against your palm, leading to a stress-free activation.

Why a Stun Gun is one of the Best Non-lethal Weapons for Women

It is not lethal…

When you go to school, work, or home, do you regularly walk alone? Having a stun gun available is useful when you wind up in lonely streets and poorly lit areas.

Stun guns are one of the best devices of self-defense. They are non-lethal, and all they do is momentarily disable and assailant and make them immobile.

Stun guns don’t hurt individuals as guns do. And keeping in mind that some stun guns have high voltage numbers, many are harmless. The explanation behind this is that despite having a high voltage, stun guns use lower amperage—current is responsible for electrocution, not voltage.

It is fast and effective.

A half-second contact with the prongs of a stun gun can cause torment and muscle withdrawal. As the best non-lethal weapons for women, three seconds of contact with it will cause immobilization. Keep in mind that in a rape situation, a lot can happen in 3 seconds.

You will find that even the smallest stun guns are powerfully reliable. The best way to capitalize on a gadget like this is to familiarize yourself with it. We will show you how to use it well later in this post.

Stun guns are discreet.

Stun guns as the best non-lethal weapons for women, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Most of them are designed to be so compact that they can fit in hand when you enclose your fist. You can carry them around in the back pocket or handbag without anyone noticing.

78 women get raped each hour of every day.

Stun guns are the best self-defense tools to carry around when you want to be discreet. For if an attacker knows that you have the best non- lethal weapons for women, you lose the element of surprise. They’ll defeat you.

There is likewise a wide scope of models of stun guns for ladies. Handheld ones are the most well-known. A few other models have different looks.

Stun guns are affordable.

A stun gun is less expensive than other personal protection weapons in more than one way. The short proximity gadgets themselves cost less. Additionally, these devices don’t use any type of ammo, and they don’t require new batteries since they’re battery-powered.

In the US, rape is a costly crime that amounts to $127 billion annually in medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering. The stun gun is an affordable and effective solution against this.

They are safe for the user.

One other extraordinary feature here is that stun guns give off warning shots. In close combat, when an attacker is on your throat, you can jab him in the groin and activate the electric shock in the process.

The current that immobilizes him doesn’t flow back to you even if your bodies are in contact.

Pepper Spray

You have seen in it the movies. In an unsafe situation, a single female quickly retrieves pepper spray and showers it in their aggressor’s face. The attacker is immobilized as their face burns and reddens with agony. Pepper spray is undoubtedly one of the best non-lethal weapons for women.

At that moment, they are rendered momentarily blind and breathless. These devices give you a chance to escape and save your life and your dignity.

The WildFire Pepper Gel is one of the best non-lethal weapons for women. It is formulated with 2 million Scoville Heat Units, which is a measure of the burning intensity of pepper. The WildFire Pepper Gel burns hot, and its effects can last for up to 45 minutes.

You can spray it from a distance without harming yourself in the process. WildFire Pepper Gel is designed to stay in the direction in which it is sprayed. It is viscous and sticks on the surface of the assailant so they won’t be able to rub it off.

Why Pepper Spray is one of the Best Non-Lethal Weapons for Women

It works from a distance.

The greatest perk of pepper spray over other non-lethal self-protection tools is that you don’t need to be in close physical contact with your assailant to start safeguarding yourself. Each inch of space that you can put among you and your aggressor works for your potential benefit. The WildFire Pepper Gel even shoots accurately at 10 feet!

Light and easy

Convenience and ease of use are significant factors to consider when choosing the best non-lethal weapons for women. If it is a struggle to carry a device and use it, you will be less likely to have it near in your hour of need.

Pepper sprays are lightweight and discreet. They are simple to carry around and come in a wide range of compact shapes and sizes. The pepper spray allows you to have dependable protection right when you need it. There are several distinctive pepper spray models accessible to accommodate anybody’s way of life.

Dependable efficiency

Pepper spray inflames and irritates the mucous layers of the eyes, nose, and throat. The effects kick in fast, and even the strongest of assailants won’t resist the pain. The impacts of pepper spray are beneficial, giving you a chance to run and call the police.

Legal everywhere, no licenses are needed.

If you wanted to stay safe with guns, you would have to go through a lengthy license application process. Pepper spray works just as effectively as guns in immobilizing an attacker. It gives them hell, and you don’t need a license to carry it around.

Effortless usability

Easy usability is one of the reasons why most people rate pepper spray as one of the best non-lethal weapons for womenMany pepper spray models can be carried and used stealthily—the attacker won’t see it coming.

And you don’t need to have a good aim for it to work. Even when pepper spray doesn’t land on their eyes, it will burn. The effects are still dependable if it lands on the nose or chest.


Being non-lethal implies that the impacts of the pepper spray wear off, regardless of whether it gets straight in their eyes, nose, or mouth. This gives some solace to individuals who are reluctant to utilize more deadly types of personal protection tools.

You can enter any building with it.

Furthermore, being non-lethal implies that you can carry it with you in every open structure and around the city without getting a hard time from the authorities. In many instances, pepper spray is allowed on planes, too.

It can work on several attackers at once.

At times a woman may be assaulted by more than one man. Using pepper spray helps you to defend yourself against all of them at once. The WildFire Pepper Gel is among the best non-lethal weapons for women, designed to spray at a wide reach.

Any woman can afford it.

Some self-protection apparatuses may be costly and difficult to find. They may need training or legal permits to carry and use them. Pepper spray is cheap and doesn’t need you to seek training or licensing.

It is life-saving

Many times, single women try to stay in the company of others for safety and security. But it’s impractical. One way or another, you will find yourself alone at home or on the way from work. A little jar of pepper spray could spare your life if you become a target for rapists and burglars. Carry it around for peace of mind.

Door Stop Alarm

The doorstop alarm, though not a weapon, is part of the Xtreme Urban Survival Kit’s best non-lethal weapons for womenThe doorstop alarm is designed into a wedge shape that slips into the space between the door and the floor from the inside. The device keeps the door robustly bolted, and attempts by the intruder to push open your door activates a scandalously loud siren.

Doorstop alarms hold numerous advantages, the greatest one being their affordability. They likewise have a convenient and portable design. You can carry the device around to use in your hotel room or college dorm.

You don’t have to stress over consistent battery changes. Working with a doorstop alarm is straightforward, and you don’t need an expert to install it.

The Super Door Stop Alarm is among the best non-lethal weapons for women in the market right now. It features a movement sensor on the underside. It has adjustable sensitivity, which lets you calibrate the type of movement that activates the alarm.

Why a Single Female Should Use the Door Stop Alarm

It protects against door kick-ins.

A door stop alarm is simply the most effective for preventing door kick-ins. Once wedged underneath your door, it will stop even the hardest of kicks. You get notified when someone attempts a break-in, and the siren scares off the crooks while alerting neighbors and security organs.

Good for both renters and owners

A door stop alarm is quick to install. It is a lone-standing gadget with no wires or finicky installation requirements. You can deploy it at night and remove it in the morning in a matter of seconds. It features top on the list of the best non-lethal weapons for women.

It is financially accommodating.

Cash is scarce for most single women. The door stop alarm is a personal protection tool that won’t cost you many dollars. If you get the Xtreme Urban Survival Kit, for instance, you get the Super Doorstop alarm along with the WildFire Pepper Gel and Spike Stun Gun at just $68 online which includes FREE SHIPPING!!!

The door stop alarm is highly versatile.

There may be many security alarm solutions in the market, but none of them delivers the simplified usability of a doorstop alarm. This is device serves to bolt your door and alert others of your safety situation. It keeps the door locked from within. Even intruders with a gigantic strength won’t break into your door when you have this device installed. It holds tight and powerfully, ensuring that you are safe when you are home alone.

The siren is loud. At the point when somebody attempts to push your entryway open, the Super Doorstop Alarm will let out a 120 dB siren. That is sufficiently loud to be heard by security guards and neighbor a long-distance away.

Designed for an easy lifestyle

Here you have something stylish that keeps you safe. You can carry it around wherever you go without coming off as “crazy.” If you have an insane ex following you, or if there is an ascent in assault cases in your neighborhood, a doorstop alarm will serve you right.

Simply wedge the gadget underneath the door, kick back and appreciate life as a single mom. When it’s time to go out for a party, pack the pepper spray or stun gun and walk around as a confident woman.

It doesn’t bulge

Once you install it under the door, this device holds steady. It won’t move when somebody attempts to enter. This device will ensure that you are safe at home, school quarters, or hotel room. It will deter rapists.

The CDC reports that 1 out of 5 ladies around the globe have encountered sexual or physical assault in their lifetime. If you live alone, you are more likely to be a casualty of home break-ins and sexual savagery. Don’t take chances, gentle reader; arm yourself with a doorstop alarm. It is among the best non-lethal weapons for women from all walks of life.

It scares away intruders.

Since the sound of a doorstop alarm is sufficiently loud to frighten and drive off the interlopers, having them introduced in your home can prevent incidences of rape.

Advanced protection

Thanks to technology, you get a powerful siren inside a small portable device. For the versatility and efficiency in functionality, the simple doorstop alarm is an excellent alternative for expensive security installations at home.

How to Effectively handle a Stun Gun as a Single Woman

Stun guns are the best non-lethal weapons for women, designed for simplicity and ease of use. The below usage recommendations will help you get the best protection from the best non-lethal weapons for women:

Use the safety button.

A stun gun comes with a safety switch. On the off chance that it’s turned on, the device won’t work. Well, this is to keep you safe when you are carrying it. Turn the safety button off in case you believe you’re in danger.

Learn how to aim

A stun gun doesn’t require any special aiming techniques. However, it works faster and better when used on the neck, the abdomen, and the groin compared to other body parts. Practicing using the stun gun ensures your muscles retain the motions.

Don’t stress; just use it.

If the assault situation makes things hard for you in targeting the assailant’s groin, neck, or abs, just use the immobilizer on the body parts that you can hit, for example, thighs, legs, or shoulders.

Don’t stress. Even when you’re in contact with the individual that you hit with the stun-gun, you won’t be affected.

Shoot and hold

The gun will immobilize your aggressor and not killing him. When you use it, ensure that the gadget prongs are in contact, the attacker then activates the trigger and hold well the device on their body for 3 seconds. The much longer you hold, the more successfully it will incapacitate your attacker.

Recharge the batteries

Your stun gun won’t work if the batteries are dead. Intermittently check if your stun gun still has power and recharge or replace the batteries. Always walk around with a fully powered stun gun, don’t take chances.

Study user manual

Study the pamphlet that accompanies the stun gun when you buy it. Peruse the headings cautiously. Also, keep in mind that a non-lethal weapon is still a weapon—abusing it can be a justification for criminal charges against you. Use it only when you have to.

Get used to the loud noise and blazing arcs.

The absolute first time that you fire a stun gun, you’ll hear a loud noise and see the blazing movements of electric current at the prongs. Ensure that you are accustomed to hearing and seeing those sounds. If not, when the opportunity arrives for you to use it, the sound may scare you senseless.

How to Use Pepper Spray for Self Defense as a Single Female

Pepper spray is heaven-sent. It was originally designed for defense against bears and wild animals, but today it serves the 21st-century woman better than anything else. It is one of the must-have best non-lethal weapons for women. Here is how to effectively use pepper spray to defeat an attacker:

Hold it comfortably

Beware that an attacker can snatch the pepper spray canister from your hand and leave you defenseless. Stay safe by practicing how to hold the canister. Tighten your grasp around it.

Wrap your four fingers and palm over the pepper spray can. Clench tight and leave your thumb free for pressing the nozzle.

Beware how much of it is remaining.

It can be catastrophic to find yourself in a nasty sexual assault situation with an empty bottle of pepper spray. You need to ensure that you know the number of shots of pepper spray remaining in your canister.

Stay safely away from the attacker.

One of the major advantages of pepper spray is that it can be used from a distance. As one of the best non-lethal weapons for women, it allows you to stop an attacker from a distance before they pin you down.

Ensure that you are ten feet away so that the attacker doesn’t overpower you. This will also guarantee that the stinging stuff doesn’t get into your eyes and nose in the process of protecting yourself.

Ensure that it’s reachable

Pepper spray won’t benefit you in any way if it’s tacked so far in your purse. Continuously ensure that it’s within easy reach when you are in a risky situation, for example, a parking garage at night or a back street.

Focus on the eyes

To optimize the impacts of pepper spray, you need to focus on the aggressor’s eyes. This will briefly blind them and allow you to escape. If you miss the first time, aim and spray again to leave their face flooded with burning pepper. Then run.

How to Use a Doorstop Alarm for Safety at Home

A door stop alarm is simple to install and use. These features make it one of the expert-recommended best non-lethal weapons for women. Here is how to get the most from it:

Fix it beneath the door

Place the device on the floor underneath the door. Turn on the alarm switch, and voila! Your security system is live and functioning. When the door is opened, the friction will strike the metal plate, which will bolt the door and activate a 120db alarm.

The vibration sensors automatically play their part.

Attempts to push open your door when the doorstop alarm is installed triggers the vibration sensors. When the sensors detect any motion on the unit, they will activate the alarm.

Calibrate sensitivity

The doorstop is top among the best non-lethal weapons for women because you can calibrate sensitivity and alarm settings. You can set the sensitivity to high or low. In high sensitivity settings, the alarm will only go off if someone applies brute force on the door from the outside—it reduces the risk of false alarms from pets and pests.

When not in use, turn it off

You don’t want the alarm to go off in your bag when traveling. When you are not using it, turn it off using the on/off switch at the rear. Women must protect themselves at all times. Urban Safety Solution’s Spike Stun Gun, WildFire Pepper Spray, and Super Doorstop Alarm make it easy to stay safe at home and on the road.

Urban Safety Solutions is a 12-year member of Missouri Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. We provide the best warranties for our products plus FREE shipping with a discount code.

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