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Best Non Lethal Weapons

Best Non-lethal Weapons.

In the current world, security has become a personal issue. To thrive in it no matter your profession you need to have some mechanisms to have yourself safe. One of these mechanisms is having weapons to deal with your attacker or hire bodyguards. Unlucky enough some states will not allow you to possess some weapons such as guns and other harmful weapons. To possess some weapons for defense you will be required to have your weapons licensed by your government. Due to the limitations of having your gun licensed and much more one can still opt for the non-lethal weapons. Non-lethal devices are defense weapons used when one has been attacked. Unlike in lethal weapons such as knives and guns, non-lethal weapons aren’t intended to kill the attacker. They are to induce pain to the attacker to make him or her less or completely harmful. Below are some of the best non-lethal weapons you should have with you to have yourself safe and secure;
1. Pepper Spray
This is one of the most effective ways to deal with attackers. Spraying it on the eyes of the attacker makes him or her temporarily blinded. Having your attacker blinded you can easily escape the attack.
2. Baseball Bat.
A baseball bat can be used in a home as a self-defense weapon. Unlike in spray, a baseball does not require any skills to use. When attacked you can easily strike the attacker by only swinging it.
3. Tazer Gun.
Unlike real guns where you have to shoot the attacker, a stun gun works by the emission of high voltage electricity to the attacker that affects his or her nervous system. A taser stun gun is more effective as this the electrodes emitted can penetrate even in thick clothes.
4. Security Alarms and CCTV.
The two works well when you want have your home safe even when you are away. They are programmed in such a way that they will alert you when an intruder comes to your apartments. The doors, windows, and gate are fixed with sensors. They help you alert the police before the intruder breaks into your house.

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