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Black Owned Self Defense Products | Urban Safety Solutions

Black Owned Self-Defense Products | Urban Safety Solutions


Crime and insecurity are listed as one of the greatest risks to a community. If there’s a surge of insecurity cases in your neighborhood, it could greatly affect different aspects of the community. For example, the real estate prices in the region could plummet, cases of police brutality could increase, and even more, criminals might move into the area to capitalize on the crime surge. 

If this happens in your neighborhood, you need to know how to protect yourself. Protection should come from the authorities. However, there’s a documented history of police limitations in areas with prevalent crime rates. For example, most communities with a predominantly color community, especially black owned areas, face increased crime rates.

As a direct result of these, black owned shops and other black owned businesses have started stocking self-defense and protection products. If you run a black owned brand, you can create a niche segment where you sell black owned self-defense products. 

Lately, most brands dealing in personal protection and self-defense items have been marketing to minority owned businesses. This statistic shows a clear concern for the people of color living in the country. Unfortunately, while there is hope for change, you still need to take your matters into your own hands and do everything it takes to safeguard yourself at all times. 

To make matters even worse, women of color are especially a target for criminals. It is quite unfortunate that despite these women being the target of assault and crime, they are often dismissed when they report an incident. If you’re a woman of color living in the United States, you should highly consider investing in non-lethal personal protection products for women.

Moreover, as a woman of color living in the United States, you should highly consider investing in non-lethal personal protection products for women. Moreover, if cases of crime and insecurity continue rising, you can also get the other many lethal and less than lethal devices

If you’re considering investing in effective black owned self-defense devices, you can get everything you need from Urban Safety Solutions. not only provides you with the best black owned self-defense tools, but they also provide free shipping, regardless of the part of the country you reside in. For example, if you’re in St. Louis, you can log onto the website and order your black owned self-defense tools. In a few days, you’ll have your protection products, and you can normally move around and continue with your daily routines. 

How can black owned communities improve security in their neighborhoods? 


In reality, the task of protecting and safeguarding the citizens of any community, incusing back owned areas, should fall on the government. Both local and federal authorities ought to provide adequate security for everyone, from black owned stores, homes, schools, and everywhere in-between. 

Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. That is why communities are forced to come up with strategies to improve security and safety in their neighborhoods. So, exactly what can you do to secure your black owned community? Here are a few pro suggestions from Urban Safety Solutions

1. Elect leaders who care about the community 


Even with the best of strategies, trying to implement anything without support from the government is almost impossible. That is why each community should endeavor to elect leaders who believe in their ideas to secure the neighborhood. 

This applies to all leaders, from the local to the national and federal levels. Now, this is not meant to politicize the issue of security. However, it is hard to think of effective measures that do not include the government. In fact, some of the other solutions given below hinge solely on the government’s support. 

So, the next time you’re about to vote, especially in your local elections, go for the candidate with a plan to secure the neighborhood. Moreover, you can pressure your incoming and existing leaders to focus on legislative acts that improve security in the region. 

2. Light up dark areas in the neighborhood 


A common fear amongst most lawbreakers is being identified when they are breaking the law. When it comes to insecurity in society, criminals will always target dimly lit areas. That is why most criminals and gangsters strike in the dead of night. When you are sleeping and likely have the lights off, there’s little chance you’ll see the perp. 

In the same manner, these thugs will try and ambush you in areas of the community where there are no lights. For example, dark roads and unlit parking lots are where most criminals attack. To counter this, the community should try and light up as many of the dimly lit places as possible. 

When you light areas that are dimly lit, you protect various people from being easily attacked. In fact, as a woman, you’ll feel more compelled to buy non-lethal self defense products for college women if you have to transverse through dark areas. If lighting up these areas is not an option, then you can invest in products like a security torch, which you can get from, and enjoy the free shipping policy. 

3. Initiate self-defense lessons 


An assailant will target people they think are vulnerable. When a criminal is following you, it’s because they think they can easily overpower you. This means the attacker gets complacent since they don’t think you’re a threat. 

If you want to turn the tables on your attacker, one thing you can do is enroll in a self-defense class. Ideally, every community should have a resource center where you can easily learn the best and most effective self defense maneuvers. On top of getting your black owned self-defense kit from Urban Safety Solutions, these self-defense lessons will help you get out of most compromising situations. 

If the community is able, it should sponsor girls to take these self-defense lessons. Since women are more vulnerable to attacks, they should be in the frontline of learning how to escape uncomfortable situations. Additionally, these lessons can be introduced at the school level, from elementary to college. The more women are empowered, the lesser the chance of them being attacked, and the lower the crime rates in the community. 

4. Create between reporting tools and processes 


The most unfortunate thing that can happen to you is being attacked by a criminal. However, this can be easily worsened when no one believes you or takes you seriously when you report the crime. According to the United Nations, women rarely report cases of assault as they are rarely followed up on or even acknowledged. 

One might think that these cases of assault that go unreported are from developing countries. However, that could not be further from the truth. Even in very developed countries and regions, women are still greatly discriminated against. 

If black owned communities want to be safer, they should greatly prioritize those who are oppressed. When you improve reporting tools and processes, especially for women, you will significantly move down on the cases. If someone knows they will be reported when they assault a woman and that they will be persecuted, the cases will drop. The same applies to all vulnerable people, including children, men, and women of color. 

5. Have a zero-tolerance policy 


Black owned communities need to have zero-tolerance when it comes to abuse and crime. If someone commits a crime and they are found, the right legal procedures should be followed. There are way too many criminals who go around committing a crime without repercussions. 

If this continues happening, no one will fear breaking the law within the community. In a civilized world, every choice should have an equal consequence. When this is the case, people will be more cautious before committing a crime. In addition, even criminals will stay away from a community where they are responsible for their actions. 

Having a zero-tolerance policy and holding people accountable takes the collaborative work of everyone in the community. As part of the community, you should be vigilant to report any crime you witness or suspect.

As a victim, you should never hold back or feel intimated by your attacker. And as the authority, you should take action and rightly investigate all claims of lawlessness and crime. Here, politicians and leaders also have a role to play – passing effective laws that hold criminals accountable for their actions.  

6. Form a community watch group 


There are numerous cases where small black owned businesses band together to protect each other in chaotic times. Pulling together means you’re standing up against a collective of people and not one person. The same can be done at the community level to improve security and safeguard all the area residents. 

Creating a community watch group is easy since you just need volunteers to help keep watch, especially during vulnerable times. For instance, at night, a group could patrol the area to ensure there are no criminals hiding out.

When this becomes a routine, even the assailants will tire and move on to places with less activity during vulnerable times. If you need any special equipment to help you patrol, you can purchase the Xtreme urban survival kit from and enjoy perks like free shipping

Additionally, a community watch group is a great way to create effective bonds within the community. Once the community start’s interacting, people stop being just a neighbor and become friends, family, and acquaintances. This makes it easier to care for the person next to you. And even when they are not around, they don’t have to worry about being burglarized as they know someone is keeping watch of their property. 

What are the best black owned self-defense products


When you choose to buy black owned self-defense products, you need to find the right one for you. When we buy black owned products, we give the businesses a chance to grow while also investing in our personal safety and security. With the free shipping provided by Urban Safety Solutions, you can now get these products and gadgets regardless of your location. 

Here’s a breakdown of the best self-defense products from, as well as the ideal places and situations to use. Moreover, we’ll also cover the advantages and limitations of each, as detailed by Urban Safety Solutions.

1. Pepper spray


Pepper spray remains one of the most used and preferred self-defense products in the market today. Not only is pepper spray easy to buy, but it’s also easier to source and highly effective. These features have helped grow the market for pepper spray as the go-to self-defense product.

Pepper spray is the ideal self-defense weapon for anyone who requires it. Whether you’re a woman, teenager, or minority, you can carry the non-lethal self-defense product. Moreover, you can comfortably conceal it with your everyday fashion. For example, you can attach the pepper spray to your keys, which you’ll have on you most of the time.

Pepper spray is effective in deterring criminals. However, it’s important to remember that the effects of pepper spray only last for about 45 minutes to an hour. So, while you can use it at any time, you will need to think of the next steps after spraying the attacker. Fortunately, 45 minutes is more than enough time to get away from the situation, run for help, or even report the incident.

Benefits of using pepper spray


Some of the advantages of always having pepper spray with you include;

  • It can be used from some distance
  • It is highly effective in deterring your attacker.
  • Pepper spray is easily available and cheap.
  • Wildfire Gel Pepper Spray has a unique UV used to identify the perp later.
  • The effects of pepper spray last up to one hour

Drawbacks of using pepper spray include;


On the flipside, some of the disadvantages of using pepper spray include;

  • Some schools and states have banned the use of pepper spray
  • It’s hard to use in a crowded space or windy setting

If you consider getting pepper spray as part of your urban college survival kit, then go for the Wildfire Gel Pepper Spray from Urban Safety Solutions. Not only will you get it through the free shipping policy, but you’ll also have the best and most effective self-protection product.

2. Stun gun


A black owned stun gun kit is a must-have, and if you are thinking of getting the college safety kit for girls, the stun gun should be top of your list. Stun guns are fairly modern and are a highly effective form of self-defense. Moreover, modern stun guns are easy to carry, and they can easily blend in with your daily wear.

Stun guns work by delivering powerful shocks to the attacker when you press the trigger. Additionally, stun guns from have two metal prongs at the front. These metallic prongs can be used as an extra defense where you can hit or stab the attacker with. Moreover, since these prongs are metallic and sharp, they pierce through cloths to deliver more electric shocks to your assailant.

Stun guns paralyze your attacker by giving them uncontrollable muscle spasms. The effects of the stun gun typically last a few minutes, so you’ll need to formulate your course of action immediately. For example, if there’s a way to draw attention to yourself or get help, then do so as soon as possible. If you’re in a secluded area, then use these precious moments to get as far away from the perp.

Benefits of using a stun gun

  • They are highly effective in shocking your attacker.
  • Most criminals will stay away when they see you have a stun gun.
  • You can adjust the lethality of your stun gun.
  • A stun gun can be easily concealed.
  • You can charge the stun gun with a basic USB cable

Drawbacks of using stun guns include

  • You need to be very close to the attacker to use it.
  • The effects of the stun gun last a few minutes.
  • Some schools have outlawed the use of stun guns.

If you’re considering getting a stun gun, then you should go for the Spike stun gun. As mentioned, the spike stun gun has metallic prongs that provide added security. Moreover, these stun guns could discharge more than 65 million volts, rendering your attacker immobile for longer. Thanks to the rubber coating, you can effectively grip and use the stun gun with little effort.

3. Super door stop alarm


In most cases, you have to think about self-protection products like extensions of yourself. This way, you can have them on you wherever you are. The above-listed products are those that you can actively use when conscious.

However, if you’re considering your safety at all times, then you must think about how to secure yourself when you’re asleep. As mentioned earlier, most burglaries take place in the dead of night. This is mostly because you’re likely to be asleep, and therefore you don’t present a challenge for the criminals.

Fortunately, with the super door stop alarm, you can improve your home’s security, even when you’re asleep. The door stop alarm kit works by jamming the door shut using a simple but effective mechanism. When put in place, the door remains shut, regardless of the force applied from the outside.

Moreover, the doorstop alarm has an alarm system that goes off when someone tampers with the door. You can change the alarm’s sensitivity depending on your surroundings, and when triggered, it will sound an alarming sound to notify anyone around.

What’s more, you can use the super door stop alarm package when you’re traveling or even staying in a hotel. As long as the premises you’re in has a lockable door, you can use the door wedge alarm kit.

Benefits of the door stop alarm kit

  • Effectively closes the door when put in place
  • Light enough to carry around with you whenever you travel
  • Uses easy to replace batteries
  • The alarm will wake you in case of any disturbances.
  • You can adjust the alarm’s sensitivity

4. Tactical flashlight


A flashlight is a great item to have with you at all times. You don’t know when you’ll be caught outside late or when the lights go off at night. As mentioned, criminals love darkness, and if you’re ever in a dimly lit place, having a torch could save your life.

When thinking of the right self-defense torch, it’s hard not to consider the Urban Safety Solutions tactical flashlight. This flashlight is made with sturdy and durable material, meaning you can also use it to defend yourself physically. In addition, it has an almost blinding light that will disorient your attacker for a while, giving you time to escape or call for help.

The Urban Safety Solutions flashlight shines at 3000 lumen, which is blinding enough to leave your attacker temporarily blind, especially in dark places. You can carry the torch with you in your bag or purse and pull it out when you need to light the way or defend yourself.


Benefits of the tactical flashlight include;

  • It’s both a flashlight and a self-defense weapon
  • You can carry it with you everywhere you go.
  • It can fit in your purse or bag.
  • The light is bright enough to call attention to yourself when the need arises.

Drawbacks of using the tactical flashlight may include;

  • It may not be as effective as pepper spray or a stun gun
  • The effects of the torch on your assailant are temporary and short-lasting


The 3000 Lumen Zoomable Flashlight from should be your go-to flashlight in all scenarios. You can’t predict when you’ll need a flashlight, but if the need ever comes, it helps to always be prepared.

5. Xtreme urban survival kit


When it comes down to surviving the urban world, you should be prepared for any type of situation. Only then can you safely and easily get out of any compromising position. Urban Safety Solutions provides you with a comprehensive urban survival kit.

The Xtreme urban survival kit comprises everything you’ll need to get yourself out of a jam. These include a quality spike stun gun with a charge of more than 65 million volts, the Wildfire Sticky Gel pepper spray, and a quality door stop alarm.

This college survival kit is ideal for anyone, from school girls, working women, and even college going females. Essentially, if you can be in a situation where you’d feel uncomfortable or in danger, you should get the Xtreme urban survival kit. Order your Urban Safety Solutions Xtreme urban survival kit today from and enjoy free shipping to your home, school, or workplace.

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