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Now, let’s focus on the non-lethal weapons, some will be locally acquired and some will be field expedient.


If you are considering carrying a knife and you aren’t a widely trained martial artist or the like, don’t carry one as a weapon. They are devices, however as weapons, they require much skill and the intent to kill, so don’t carry one unless you are trained for it. You have to get the chance to close to your enemy and it is simply too risky, odds are you will have it taken away and most likely get stabbed by it.

Now that isn’t stating you shouldn’t prepare negligibly for knife fighting, they can be a field expedient weapons and you ought to be comfortable with them, yet they don’t make a decent essential defensive weapon.

A few brands and grades of pepper spray are superior to anything others yet even the little key bind stuff will inflict a considerable measure of pain and blindness, so with pepper spray, you can go shabby and still get a half better than average product.

Another alternative is stun guns. These are the close range electronic critics that include you drawing near, yet nonetheless, they are quite effective and effortlessly concealed. However, a portion of the
cheaper ones you get from the smoke shops and such are no great. There is an absence of quality control with these and tasers, so you should look around precisely.

The other electronic choice is tasered. These have projectiles that shoot out and send electronic pulses through a wire appended to the gun, they are much more effective utilizing less voltage, so 100,000

volts is fine since the spikes penetrate the muscle and make it seize up. The issue is, they require some training to be effective and are quite costly.


Another alternative is a self-defense flashlight. They are tough, compact, and bright. They can be utilized for more than fighting however when you have to they can be utilized as a blinding instrument, and a blunt force weapon, and in addition a clench hand pack witch, will make your punches more effective. So, it’s a good choice to buy less lethal weapons here.

Buy less lethal weapons here at… We offer an effective non lethal alternative to a handgun for personal protection for a nurse, college student or someone that often travel alone. Especially at night such as a bartender, server and anyone required to work late nights. Individuals using public transportation will also gain peace of mind knowing he or she can prevent themselves from being attacked or sexually assaulted.

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