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Buy New Pink Taser For Women Here

Pink is a very feminine color and a lot of women like to accessorize with it. All kinds of things come in this color, but did you know that self-defense products do too? Although the nature of these things is less-than-pleasant, as they’re associated with violence, that doesn’t mean that you have to carry around a scary looking, dull and unpleasant weapon all day. You can choose to¬†buy new pink taser for women here which has the same personal protection capabilities as the stock version without reminding you constantly of the threat of violence that the ugly, intimidating black color can provoke.

Just because you think that products designed for personal protection must be ugly or depressing does not mean that you should allow those feelings to prevent you from having one or two at your disposal. You must not forget about your personal safety. You must keep in mind that you may be a target of an assault at any time in today’s violence-ridden society . So many buy new pink taser for women here.

Well, with that preference in mind, several new pink tasers for women products are now available in a more feminine, you now have the option to buy a means of personal protection in a color that reflects your personality, not the violent nature of these items.

The pink Taser it’s outward appearance is pink, however, inside it’s all business. This pink device is an electro-shock weapon that uses an electric current to disrupt the voluntary functions of your assailant’s muscles. You need not fear to cause permanent disability to your assailant; these devices are non-lethal. Up close or at a distance of up to 15 feet, this tiny, hand-held device can pack quite the punch for an attacker; the pink Taser C2 still has the power to penetrate up to two inches of clothing, regardless of its color.

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