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Buy Pink Stun Gun For Mothers Day

I’m often asked about stun guns and what they do. The most popular question is “are the ones made for women as powerful as the ones made for men?” So here it is.

Don’t judge a stun gun by its color. True, not all stunners are the same. But some of the most powerful is Pink.

Pink Stun Guns always use a high level of low voltage amperage to distract the one imposing the attack for a short while. They are powered by batteries – some are rechargeable and others are not. They range in volts from 100,000 to 4.5 million volts. Most people believe that stunners always induce pain to the attacker this simply isn’t the truth. A Stun Gun dumps energy into a person’s muscles making them move rapidly. These movements depletes the person’s blood sugar by converting it to lactic acid. The attacker is unable to produce energy thereby causing the body to act improperly. The weapon also interrupts the tiny neurology impulses that control muscle movement. When zapped the attacker loses complete control so they are essential for self defense.

There are some important features you should consider before you buy pink stun gun for mothers day. A stunner such as a disable pin. A disable pin allows the stunner to be disabled if it’s taken away from the user. This is how it works. Weapons with disable pins have a wristband that has a pin attached to the bottom. If a person has the wristband on and an attacker snatches the weapon away, the pin will dislodge thereby disabling the stun gun. Therefore the attacker can’t use it on the victim.

Other important features are flashlights, alarms, red flashing emergency lights, and holsters. So it’s a good value also when you buy pink stun gun for mothers day.

Stun Master Stun Guns is one of the largest manufacturers. The Stun Master Multi-Function has all the features I mention above plus it delivers 4.5 million volts and is rechargeable.

The Pretender Cell Phone Stun Gun is a pink 4.5 million volt stunner that looks like a pink cell phone. This one is rechargeable, has a flashlight and holster.

And then there is The Runt, the smallest Pink stunner of all the ones I’ve listed. But never be fooled by the size of the stun gun, it also delivers 20 million volts. You can easily hide it in your pocket, purse or even in the palm of your hand that why one should buy pink stun gun for mothers day since they usually have purses.

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