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My friend worries about his daughters personal safety at night. They both are active at college and work part time jobs at a local St Louis sports bar. On weekends one of them began bar tending so must help close the bar. As a parent, the safety of your loved ones is always a concern. The bar is located in Soulard where parking is either on the street or in the parking lot in the rear of the bar. The parking lot has very poor lighting and the street parking is not much better. The bar is located in an urban area of the city and is frequented by some shady customers. Many seem to feel the females working at the bar. Must allow themselves to be fondled and disrespected by the customers. I’ve visited bar often for lunch. The food is honestly very good. It’s mostly business people, contractors and construction workers when I’m there. Apparently the evening and late night crowds are entirely different. That’s why my friend is looking to buy pink talon stun guns near me.

The pink talon stun device is very small and compact. Designed for close range self defense. To deliver a electrical shock to an attacker. You must touch the electrodes to the body of your assailant. The shock causes the attackers muscles to spasm resulting in the creep being briefly incapacitated. A powerful 18 million volts of electricity will be instantly dumped into the attackers body. Giving you more than enough time to escape to safety. The street thug will be laying on the pavement peeing and crapping all over himself. The important thing is that your precious loved ones have effectively protected themselves from being victimized. We recommend that you buy pink talon stun guns near me to keep your daughters safe.

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