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Buy Pink Talon Taser For Mothers Day

The security of women has been debated for over decades now, and new technologies have arrived to ensure every woman has the chance to defend herself from attackers and molesters. Safety technologies have come up with revolutionary gadgets for this purpose over time. And what can be a better gift than to buy pink talon taser for Mothers day and help your mom become the superwoman, from whom you have been taking great life inspirations!
Benefits Of Owning A Pink Talon Taser Gun
Keeping in mind the safety standards required for women to tackle safety hazards from attacks like snatching or direct molestation or assaults, pink talon taser gun can provide a series of safety benefits.
● The power stun gadget creates 18 million volts and 4.7 milliamps of current. This is exceptional and effective when it comes to scaring off or stunning a potential attacker. The voltage fired electrocutes to the person and stuns or dazes him while you call for help or run to safety. The power of safety will rest in your palm.
● The power-up button sits right under the palm. Switching on is instant and flawless. Without the need to pre-activate or search for the ON-switch, you can just grip the gun tight in your hands and be ready for any offenders. With the instant power up option ready, your mother will be fully equipped to guard her own safety at all times.
● The gun has a knuckle grip for better portability and hold. It can also be used as a melee weapon to fend off attackers and won’t need a perfect aim with the stun mode on. The stun mode can also fire off empty ionic bursts close to the attacker. Swing the gun in your grip to use it as a close combat knuckle, even if you run out of stun charge.
● It is non-lethal and doesn’t require weapons’ permit. It is compact and affordable. The stun gun releases electric stun shocks that can knock out a person for some time but is not enough to kill someone, hence, doesn’t require a permit. Your mother can easily use it without the risk of self-inflicted fatal damage and is within your budget to buy one.
This stun gun has become a key motivating gadget to help women think of their own safety. It has empowered women to feel truly safe and independent. Buy pink talon taser for mothers day and let your mom know she is the ultimate guardian for herself and her family, and brim up her confidence.

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