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Buy Pink Taser For Mom

Based on the recent survey from the United Nation Office and crime, it shows that the
global homicide rate has increased and currently, it is at 7.6% for each
100,000 inhabitants. Therefore to avoid being part of the statistics, it would
be better if you can at-least have one mobile self-defense device to help you
keep safe and mostly at night.

The best self-defense devices that you can have for your self-defense are a stun
gun and taser. They are portable and you can easily carry them in your bag when
you go to school or work. What makes stun guns to stand out among other
self-defense devices is that they are intimidating to attackers because of the cracking sparks it produces. Depending on which
state you come from, not all types of tasers are legalized in these states.
Some states do not allow the use of tasers in their states so you have to
consider this factor before purchasing one. Many buy pink taser for mom as an effective less than lethal self defense weapon.

The best self-defense device for a feminine person
who works at night would either be a stun gun or a taser. a pink color is more preferable.
Therefore the best stunner that is allowed in most states is taser pulse and
for a stun gun would be Guard dog security.

Guard Dog Security stun gun;

This stun gun is designed in disguised as a flashlight. For any person who works at
night, this is the best stun gun for you. Flashlights have been developed in
these stun gun to enable you shine the bright light in the attacker’s eyes so
as to blind them for few seconds. The main idea is to cause blindness so that
you can come closer and deliver a zap making them regret for messing up with
you. Many families choose to buy pink taser for mom.


  • there batteries are rechargeable

  • they can hold a voltages of up-to 6,000,00 volts

  • there brightness level is at 200 lumens


  • a very powerful flashlight

  • has a safety on and off switch

  • holds 6,000,000 volts

  • has a powerful double spark system

  • a rubber case

  • lifetime warranty provided


  • the device-stun gun and the flashlight don’t work at the same time (simultaneously)

  • has a short charging cord

Pink taser pulse

Other than stun guns, another good self-defense devices that you can use is a taser
pulse, more preferable a pink one. You can also buy one for your mom; she also
needs to security herself for any misfortunate. It is pocket friendly as
compared to other tasers in the market. This taser is legalized in many states
as compared to other types such as Taser X26C and Taser X2 that needs certain
requirements and restriction as well as background checks before purchasing one.


It has Non rechargeable batteries

It ranges 15 feet

Can last for 30 seconds

It has a safety cover to prevent accident firings
incase it happens

Its battery can deliver up-to 50 firings

It has laser to assist in targeting

It also has a carry holster


Its battery is not rechargeable.


These two self-defense devices are relatively cheap as compared to other models. You
do not need many requirement and restriction to purchase one. Therefore, they
are the best for you. On the other hand you can use a Guard
Dog Security stun gun as an alternative. And with its intimidating sparks, it
helps to scare attackers even more keeping you safe at night. This stun
gun is a heavy model; you can use it for lighting and for security purposes. Its
LED flashlights give it more advantage and preference to people working at

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