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Buy Pink Taser Gun For Daughter

Pink Stun Gun/ Taser

Buy pink taser gun for daughter is a significant self-defense weapon. It is good to stay prepared at all times and have an ideal self-defense means. It is non-lethal when used to stab someone with an electric shock. Buy a pink taser for daughter is very helpful; especially if she works or have to commute at night.
When alone in the dark there is the risk that your daughter can get assaulted or even mugged by a stranger. She is going to love the pink stun gun and it’s the best means she can protect herself. With the pink touch on it, it’s stylish and this will get the attacker by surprise.


Women like the small yet powerful Talon. So buy pink taser gun for daughter. Many feel is the best in that, it is easily concealed, practical and sizable to fit in the pocket or a handbag. The pink color selection is effective in disguising the true nature of the device. The unsuspecting attacker will just think is one of the girl’s fancy accessories and nothing like a pink stun gun. This makes the attacker less
threatened, but it gets him/her as a surprise.


The power of a pink stun gun is not to be underestimated. It allows your daughter to temporally incapacitate the attacker and have a chance to escape without being harmed. A pink taser will also work with a high voltage just like any other Taser gun. Its power when activated will give the attacker quite a jolt for a few minutes to ensure the attacker will not run after your daughter. It can be rechargeable or use battery power. It dumps energy that ensures the attacker is out of control of his muscles, hence no capacity to harm anyone. The pink stun gun also have a safety mechanism. The safety system ensures your daughter don’t accidentally fire while
the taser is in the pocket.

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