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Have you ever found yourself walking alone at night after late working hours? Are you a parent who is worried about his daughter studying away in a college with a part-time job at night? Or perhaps you are an anxious husband who fears for his wife’s safety as she commutes alone on her own every day. What of a working woman that uses public transportation to travel to work alone every day? Then this article is for you!
Fight of Gun control vs Gun Rights goes on!
As the endless debate over gun control and gun right goes on, there have been discussions among lawmakers and civilians alike, regarding the use of a non-lethal substitute for a gun. Could a non-lethal weapon reconcile the differences between the gun control advocates and the gun rights advocates? Well, that is also a debate for another day.
The reality is nobody wants to be a victim of an attack. Nobody wants to feel defenseless in a threatening situation. No matter who you are, what group you support, there is one thing you can do to protect yourself. And remember, you can easily buy stun guns for sale here.
What is a Stun Gun?
A Stun gun is an electrical self-defense weapon that utilises large voltage to immobilize and stop an attacker. You must dash the assailant with the prongs of the stun gun in order to shock him. It affects the muscular system and the central nervous system of the body. The electricity dumped into the muscles at a high pulse frequency massively inhibits the muscle control.
Moreover, the energy flow through the body also scrambles the brain, leaving the attacker mostly disoriented and confused. It is important to note that as the amperage is low, Stun gun does not cause any severe or permanent damage.During the period when the attacker is in pain and disoriented, you can escape away from the attack safely and seek assistance from the authorities.
Standard Stun Gun Design
The design of a standard stun gun is simple. It operates on 9-volt batteries. The battery supplies energy to the circuitry consisting of transformers, an oscillator and a capacitor. The transformers regulate and boost the voltage. They also reduce the amperage. The oscillator generates fluctuating currents to form a specific pattern of the electric pulse. The fluctuating current then charges the capacitor, that builds up the charge and releases it to the probes as the final output. The probes are formed of two plates of metal that are conductive, placed with a small gap between them.
The newer models of stun gun now come with two pairs of electrodes between them. They are termed as the outer electrodes and the inner electrodes. The external electrodes are further apart than the internal electrodes. The current can pass through outer electrodes only when a conductor is placed between them, whereas internal probes have a small current continually flowing between them. This flow causes a slight crackling noise and a spark, that warns the attacker that you are armed without you even needing to use the stun gun. The newer models of stun guns designed in the form of flashlights or cell phone utilize this technology for an element of surprise. You can click on this link to buy stun guns for sale here.
Another type of stun gun introduced recently is the Liquid Stun Gun. Their working functionality is like Taser guns except they make use of a liquid stream to conduct electricity and not wires. The gun is connected to a small tank of a conductive liquid. When triggered, the electric current travels from the gun to the attacker through a liquid stream. They have a more extended firing range compared to the earlier versions of stun guns.
How Does A Stun Gun Work?
All the parts of our body communicate with one another through electricity. For example, when a muscle in the arm needs to contract, the brain sends an electrical pulse to the muscles through a nerve cell. The muscle cells receive the message through the release of neurotransmitter from a nerve cell. When the muscle undertakes the contracting activity, the nerve cells in the arm sends another electric signal to the brain, letting it know about the action taken.
Now the stun gun disrupts this communication system in the body through a high-voltage electrical charge. The voltage can be as high as 5,000,000.This electrical charge is low amperage, i.e., around 2 to 3 milliamps. It, therefore, does not damage the assailant’s body severely unless applied for an extended period. Though it does not do any severe damage, it disrupts the attacker’s nervous system. The disruption in the nervous system can leave him confused, disoriented or in severe cases of exposure, partially paralyzed, albeit temporarily. It also burns the blood sugar, converting it into lactic acid in a couple of seconds, depleting the attacker of energy.
Contact with the electrode for even half a second can startle the person. Contact for a second or two can leave the person dazed. Touching the prongs for up to three seconds can leave the person disoriented and lose muscle control. The shocked person can be paralyzed for around 30 minutes with a jolt of about 200,00 volts or more.
Advantages of Stun Guns
• Stun guns are not as lethal as guns. They do not cause permanent damage.
• They are lightweight and easy to carry.
• The guns are small in size and can be concealed easily in purse, pocket, or hand.
• These guns are easy to use. You don’t need advanced training to learn how to use stun guns. You can use it efficiently to protect yourself with the basic practice or even knowledge, and planning. You merely have to pull the trigger and touch the assailant with the prongs.
• Stun guns require less accuracy as compared to other self-defense weapons.
• These guns are inexpensive.
• The guns are available in varying models and voltages.
• They are available in numerous sizes and shapes giving it an element of surprise.
• You do not need a felony background check to own a stun gun.
• No paperwork or registration is required to own a stun gun legally.
• No ammunition cost.
• No risk of legal issues (if used in accordance with the law).
Choose A Right Stun Gun For Yourself
You must consider multiple factors when you are buying a stun gun for yourself. Let’s look at few of them below that will help you obtain the device that is best suited to your requirements and needs.
Voltage output is one of the most critical factors you must look at before you buy yourself a stun gun. Higher the voltage, higher the stoppage power of the weapon; thereby leading to faster immobilization.
Higher energy also means that the current can pass through more layers of clothing and cause the desired effect. There are stun guns available with a wide variety of voltage ranges on the market. They range as low as 50,00 volts to as high as 20,000,000 volts.
Whether you are looking for a subtle of an expensive range of voltage, simply follow this link to buy stun guns for sale here.
Stun guns are available in varying sizes as well as shapes and colour. You can choose the model as per your lifestyle, convenience, or need. If you are dainty, you can pick one that is small in size. There are stun guns available that are so small that they can fit in a pack of cigarettes.
Whether you are looking for those models in the shape of pen, flashlight or even cellphone, remember to buy stun guns for sale here. There are large-sized models available as well that are sometimes referred to as stun batons. They are 10 inches to 18 inches in length offer excellent stopping power. Law enforcement commonly uses them.
There are numerous designs of stun guns available on the market today. Take a quick look at some of them below:
• Cell-phone Stun Guns
• Lipstick Stun Guns
• Mini Stun Guns
• Disguised Stun Guns
• Police Force Stun Guns
• Stun Batons
With improved technological upgrades, there are many more types of stun guns available now.
You can browse through our online kiosk and buy stun guns available for sale here today!
Make sure you compare a different set of features before you buy a stun gun.
• A disable pin is an important feature to prevent the attacker from using your weapon against you. The pin is attached to you via a wrist strap. Remove the pin, and the weapon will be disabled.
• The Alarm feature can create an ear-splitting sound with the press of a button. As the loud noise draws attention from the surroundings, the assailant will flee the scene.
• A flashlight feature can offer added protection at night.
• “Extended Reach” is a handy feature that can give you an added advantage in close combat situations.
• “Rechargeable batteries” eliminate the need for disposable batteries. No need to keep track of spare batteries. Just keep it recharged, and your weapon is ready for use.
Stun Guns’ Restrictions
Most states now permit the use of stun guns. However, before you buy a stun gun, ensure that you double check whether there are any specific laws or restrictions regarding its use in your area.
Below is a list comprising of cities as well as states, and counties that still don’t permit the use of stun gun legally.
• Hawaii
• Michigan
• New York
• Massachusetts
• Chicago
• Illinois – FOID (Firearm Owners’ Identification) card required
• Wisconsin – CCW (Concealed Carry Weapon) Permit required
• Rhode Island
• Connecticut
New Jersey state, as well as Baltimore city and Philadelphia, had stun gun restriction lifted recently.
Guidelines On How To Use a Stun Gun Properly
So, you have brought your new stun gun! Great! Don’t wait for an accident to happen for you to use it.
• Get yourself familiar with its shape, weight as well as form and function.
• It comes with a safety switch. The device won’t work when the switch is on. Also, make sure you keep the safety switch on when it’s not required. You don’t want an unnecessary accident by keeping it off 24×7. Keep your hands and any other body part away from the contact electrodes when the weapon is armed.
• Learn to hit the target. Also, identify the right targets. Unless you are in a life-or-death situation, you should avoid hitting the chest. A jolt of 50,000 volts may cause cardiac issue and lead to the accidental death of the attacker. The electrode must be held against the part of the body that is less mobile like upper hip or shoulder rather than hands or arms that can be moved away quickly. Practice aiming your stun gun on areas such as the neck, armpit, upper hip and groin as it will help your muscles memorize the movements.
• Make sure that the stun gun is easily accessible when you are carrying it. You won’t get time browsing through your purse or bag under attack. If you find yourself in locations such as empty parking lots during late hours, or empty streets with a high risk of danger, keep the weapon armed in your hands ready to use.
• When you fire the stun gun on your assailant, make sure you press the electrodes on him for at least 3 seconds. The longer you push the weapon on him, more effective the impact will be. 3 to 5 seconds should leave the attacker dazed on the ground.
• Check your batteries periodically.
• Always buy the best and certified stun guns. Purchasing a substandard stun gun to save few pennies could be potentially damaging in dire situations.
With the amount of violence increasing across the country in the form of assaults, rape cases and, robberies, do not allow yourself to become a helpless victim. If self-defense through non-lethal weapons is your desire, then using stun gun is the right way to go.
Most importantly, use it wisely and responsibly as a law-abiding citizen. Using it primarily for self-defense is a yes, using it as a toy to scare people or kids away is a big no-no.
Keep yourself and your loved ones safe today! Follow this link to read more on or buy stun guns for sale here.

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