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Buy Stun Guns Near Me

When the economy declines what follows is an increase in crime. Women are always prone to these crimes since they are perceived to be an easy target. However, many women don’t take their protection serious and thus do not carry any self-defense weapon.

For those who fear to carry a firearm, then a stun gun offers a great solution. I can buy stun guns near me for my safety

A stun gun is a weapon that produces a charge of high voltage to weaken a potential. It contains two metal contacts which upon pressing them against an assailant, sends an electrical charge that eventually weakens him to the ground

The charge produced usually disturbs the central nervous system. It then sends abnormal energy into the human muscles at a high-frequency pulse eventually making the muscles to expand and contract rapidly. This quick cycle drains the blood sugar. The causes energy loss in the muscles is making it hard to function properly. The attacker then feels tangled and is unable to walk for some time, and this gives the victim enough time to escape.

Stun Guns are sold in various styles, sizes, and also electrical voltages. There are those
small guns and also large batons which are made in a special way to be covered in a
women’s hand. They are made into structures of women’s lipsticks, phones, and even flashlights

Stun Guns are non-lethal. This is the main improvement of stun guns over the firearms,
and there is no major effect that will impact the assailant’s heart and delicate body organs. This means that the attacker will have no long-term effects and will be well in a span of 20 to 45 minutes

Stun guns are allowed to be carried in most countries, and therefore no special permits are required to buy stun guns near me. They are cheap to purchase, easy to hide, very simple to use, and gives superior security results.

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