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Although one might think this is self explanatory and it’s obvious an act of defending yourself, another person or your property, this often confused with the legal term: Self Defense.

We should always be careful and consider some legal details that need to exist for your actions to be considered self defense.  Also, keep in mind that laws vary depending on which State you reside.  At Urban Safety Solutions we are not legal advisers, but do have  years of experience selling these products.  In a nutshell, here are some principles that must be considered for your actions to be within the definition of “Self Defense”.

  • Imminence: You can defend yourself with force (lethal or nonlethal) only against danger that is happening right now !
  • Proportional: The degree of danger is considered to determine if your response is proportional. In other words, if a person is threatening you with a rock, it would not be proportional to use a handgun against him.
  • Avoidance: Basically means that you should not use force if it can be avoided.
  • Reasonableness: It refers to how you evaluate the situation and the possible outcome. In other words, claiming self defense against someone holding a broom would not be considered reasonable.
  • Innocence: Of course, a person claiming their right to self defense, can not be the one than initiated the violence.

As you can see, the concept of self defense is not always as easy as black and white, thus the importance of knowing all your options and perhaps protecting yourself with a nonlethal weapon can avoid any legal liabilities in the future.

Always trust your instincts and be aware of your surroundings.

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