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We see the endless local television news media reports about violent assaults and rape taking place in our community. Often the victims are women, young college students and people just working hard to earn a living. Too often criminals see these people as soft targets of opportunity. You often wonder if your wife and daughter are safe when they must travel to either work or to an urban college campus or urban university to attend classes. There can be all types of people they’ll cross paths with or have a personal interaction with during their commute. Daylight hours by no means assures personal safety when walking through public streets, parking garages, parking lots and using urban public transportation such as metro bus / metrolink. There have been numerous passengers of both buses and metrolink trains attacked for their laptops, backpacks, purses etc. And these horrific violent assaults have taken place during the daylight hours. It’s even more perilous for urban commuters at night. Unfortunately, the presence of metrolink security or law enforcement on a consistent basis is almost nonexistent. That’s why regular riders and other users of public transportation. Choose to buy talon stun guns near me for personal protection. Stun guns are compact handheld non lethal self defense weapons. Primarily designed for close range self defense. These taser guns are very effective at thwarting an attackers aggression towards you. When needed for protection against an attacker. Just press the electrodes of the stun taser against the body of the assailant. While activating the trigger of the taser device. Customers buy talon stun guns near me because it has 18 million volts of knock down power and features a flashlight.

The talon stun for sale near me delivers an awesome electrical charge quickly. Instantly repelling a would be attacker. Purchase today and enjoy free shipping. You want your wife, daughter, sister, mom, grandmother, girlfriend to be safe from being victimized on the street or anywhere else. Many parents both moms and dads. Have opted to buy talon stun guns near me.


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