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Catch Mischievous Pets In The Act

Jane had always been an avid pet lover her whole life.  She couldn’t stand to see animals hurt or suffering so needless to say she had quite a collection of unwanted pets who cherished her.

On her way to the grocery store one evening she had to take a side street due to an accident.  She was passing through an older neighborhood when something caught her eye and she immediately stopped the car.

In a front yard was a dog tied to a chain with no food, water or shade.  This infuriated her so much that she knew she had to do something.  She went to the house and knocked on the door, looked in the windows and to her surprise the house was empty.  Someone moved out and left their dog!

Jane knew she had just inherited a new friend.  She got the dog home, bathed and fed.  She named him Lucky.  Lucky quickly found his place in the pack and was loving his new home.

Shortly after, Jane became concerned because items around the house would go missing.  She suspected it to be Lucky because things like this never happened before.  Bread would be missing from the counter.  They had gone through 2 TV remotes in a month.

So Jane invested in a small surveillance system that connects to your computer via USB.  She easily installed it on her home computer, put up 4 cameras around the house and waited.

VISEC allows you to connect in from any computer via the Internet so Jane could even monitor activity around the house from work.  She would periodically login and check on the pets. She was confident the 4 Channel Wired USB DVR Surveillance System is exactly what she needed.

Lucky dodged the cameras for the first few days.  He must have known something was going on.  But it wasn’t long after he was up to the same tricks Jane suspected he was playing. The installed wired dvr surveillance system would soon catch her mischievous pet in the act.

Lucky would take random items from all over the house and hide them under Jane’s bed.  Jane couldn’t wait to get home and discover his treasure trove.

Jane couldn’t believe all of the items Lucky had hidden.  He never destroyed anything, he just collected them.  Lucky is now confined to the common areas of the house where he cannot secretly hide things.  And Jane still uses her VISEC system to keep an eye on her babies.

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P.S.  If you really want to keep an eye on anything at your home or your business, you need to get the same system that Jane used to catch a sneaky dog.

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