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Catching An Unfaithful Wife Red-Handed

pen hidden camera with audio

I had suspicions that my wife was having an affair. As much as I wished to discount the idea of her being unfaithful, I couldn’t help but spy on her in order for me to finally get to the truth.

So, I enlisted the help of a friend who worked at a security agency with regard to Colorado. He sent one of his agents who can conduct secret surveillance employing body worn cameras. His instructions were to utilize a hidden USB camera in particular in order to get footages of my wife without her realizing it.

This pen hidden camera with audio, mini DVR, thumb drive looks and works like a regular writing instrument. Aside from being disguised as an ordinary object, it offers portability and convenience. Spy cameras having a built-in DVR are ready for use after being taken out of the box.

The device’s USB tip works in three ways as soon as attached to a computer. It works as a charger for this hidden camera. It also connects to the computer for playback as well as the storage of videos. Finally, it can be used like any normal USB thumb drive for file storage.

The lens is found just on top of the pen clip. So, if put into the chest pocket, it could record videos and also audio clearly for approximately fifteen feet. To add, the pen’s ink could be replaced with a standard ballpoint refill so that the pen can actually keep functioning.

The absence of cables for this security camera really makes it the perfect tool for covert surveillance. It is light and undetectable however definitely packs the power to record videos.

The female agent who spied on my partner utilized the pen hidden camera in every way possible. Unfortunately, she was able to obtain footages which verify my wife’s infidelity.

Currently, the videos that were taken by this hidden USB camera are being utilized as proof against my wife to speed up the process of our divorce.

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