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Church Surveillance System: Where Can I Buy Church Surveillance System?

Many places of worship are being protected by a church surveillance system. Most of us consider a church building sacred ground, it’s also a target for vandalism and burglary. But installing a 8 Channel Wired DVR System will deter most burglars and acts of vandalism. Both urban and suburban churches are often targeted for acts of vandalism and theft because they are unguarded for extended periods of time. Often with nobody at all in the place of worship for many hours. A church surveillance system can help deter crime and provide both the police and insurance companies with video evidence of the crime. Our church surveillance system has become very popular due to it’s affordable price and ease of installation.

Our 8 channel wired DVR church surveillance system consist of (8) 8 Channel Day/Night Bullet Cameras, (8)100 Ft Video Cables, (1) 17 inch LCD Monitor and (1) Stand Alone 8 Channel DVR. Video images an be viewed (live) from remote location or playback recorded video stored on the DVR. As you can see, the 8 channel wired DVR system is an ideal choice for a church surveillance system.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

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