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Concealed Less Lethal Weapons

Carrying a gun is very tempting. You may end up using it to settle every dispute or a threat. Using a gun is dangerous in itself because you will have to prove in a court of law you used it for self-defense. That’s where concealed less lethal weapons come in. They offer the luxury of protecting yourself from potential danger but unlike guns, they leave the assailant immobilized instead of dead. They can then pay for their crime in a court of law.
Some of the concealed less lethal weapons you can use include;
Pepper spray -This is one of the most common non-lethal weapons used. When sprayed on the eyes, they’ll leave the person with a burning sensation and inflammation giving you the window of opportunity to escape or seek help. The effect lasts for about 40 minutes which is enough time to get as far as possible from the assailant. It’s advisable you keep it close enough for easy retrieval in case of danger.
Taser – You have probably seen these being used by the police. It looks like a real gun, is easy to carry and legal. Once you use it on an assailant, they will be overpowered by the charge and you can escape or call for help.
Compact baton – It might be small but it offers the luxury to stretch out your hand more therefore increasing the intensity of the hit. You also reduce the risk of hurting yourself in the process of self-defense. The best part to hit the assailant include the hands, the bones are also so painful. They won’t be able to respond and they will drop whatever they’re holding in their hands. Another area you should put focus on include the sensitive parts such as the groin area. They will be rendered immobile.
In a nutshell
Should you carry both? Yes. There are circumstances when the threat is not deadly. In that case you can choose to use the concealed less lethal weapon to neutralize the threat. In the case where they are packing a loaded fire arm, then you can also draw yours and fight for your life.

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