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Covert Smoke Detector Camera Is The Best Choice For Home & Business Security


Today’s advanced surveillance technology has enabled hidden cameras to be placed in ordinary household and office products such as a motion sensor, exit sign, air purifier, clock radio, wall clock and much much more.

Looking for a spy camera nobody will notice? No doubt the smoke detector camera is the way to go.

When you need a security spy camera for a vacant home the smoke detector spy cam is an excellent choice because it’s a common household object found in every home. Thieves and vandals would never think to steal or destroy the smoke detector that’s secretly capturing all their crimes on video.

Smoke Detector look outside, hidden camera inside. The covert feature of this camera will allow you to put a camera in without letting your employees, customers and “intruders” see that there is one.

The names of the game in surveillance and spying are discrete, secret, and hidden. The successful application of many of the devices offered by UrbanSpyCam requires particular standards and custom application if they are to go unnoticed.

No one will suspect that this ordinary and fully functional smoke detector doubles as a hidden camera and a smoke detector. With no tell tale wires or visible lights, this ordinary looking smoke detector has no giveaway signs that it’s really a full color CCD Hidden Camera.

Every house, apartment and business should have a smoke detector to have a warning on a possible fire accident and what more if you have a hidden camera inside to monitor your establishment or home just in case a burglary happens. The Hidden Camera Smoke Detector with Built-in DVR will help you with employee problems, use this product to monitor cash registers, record office employee movements or just to have a way to see who comes and goes through your door. This product can easily be mounted on ceilings or walls in just minutes and can be conveniently moved to another location with ease.

No one will ever suspect this ordinary and fully functional smoke detector doubles as a hidden camera and smoke detector. Also, this fully functional covert smoke detector camera is available with built-in Wi-Fi.

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