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Covertly Video Record With Flashlight Hidden Camera

Infrared LED Flashlight Hidden Camera with DVR and Laser Pointer

From the time I was a child I have often wondered regarding how to become a spy. Well, I never did become one however I started a small security firm inside New Orleans. Part of the work is scouting equipment for my staff to utilize.

One is an infrared LED flashlight covert monitoring camera. This is below 6 inches long so it fits really nicely in the glove compartment of my motor vehicle.

I considered getting a portable spy video camera one time I nearly hit a drunk in the middle of the road. I stopped a good three feet away from him but when I yelled at him to go on the side of the road he was so surprised that he fell down screaming bloody murder that I hit him with my own vehicle!

I was thinking jeez what I would give to possess one of those police cams that would show him having a leisurely stroll in the middle of the road AFTER I stopped the vehicle.

Sadly, surveillance video cameras may antagonize drunk people and they could become belligerent. It is best if the camera is masked as a regular item like a flashlight since people respond normally should they do not know they are getting videotaped.

My hidden camera possesses a build-in digital video recorder meaning that it can start recording right out of the box. No software installation is necessary.

After using the nanny camera I can either use the USB connector to view the video on my own personal computer or get the SD card and plug that on my own tablet PC. I personally prefer using the USB connector since I can charge the electric battery also.

I think that one of the best parts of my job is playing with devices just like this without being a specialist necessarily on how to become a spy. For individuals in the security business this kind of portable covert video camera is important particularly if you require a witness to corroborate your version of events yet there is nobody around not even a surveillance camera.

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