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Dealing With Spy Cameras Installed At Inappropriate Places

Security cameras have always been really useful in protecting the wellbeing of the people as well as the security of the places that are place under monitoring. Sadly, as would be heard in news reports at times, there are criminals that impinge on the privacy of others by utilizing hidden cameras.

Law implementers depend on video recordings to identify perpetrators of crime as well as catch them in action. Spy camera footage shed light on unusual activities which are usually telltale signs of a possible lawbreaking.

Meanwhile, there are ways to misuse the technology for invading privacy. Considering that hidden cameras are made to be hidden, they could be planted even in the most personal locations like restroom cubicles as well as dressing rooms.

As I am quite anxious that my privacy will be intruded on without the right reason other than for safety reasons, I made the choice to acquire a hidden camera detector. I got into the habit of examining smoke detectors, vanities, wall outlets and also air cleaners for covert cameras.

My trusty bug detector works just like a sweeper. All I have to do is walk through an area while it is on my person. It could find signals being transmitted by hidden cameras even if those hidden gadgets are 100 yards away.

Bug Detector with Strength Meter

I experimented with my spy camera detector once inside my brother’s store, which is well equipped with security cameras for securing his business. Its detection functionality truly worked. It pointed immediately to the direction of each and every surveillance camera that I was really pleased.

There was another situation when this bug finder discovered a moving covert camera. Apparently, somebody was sporting a sports watch hiding a surveillance camera and it did not get away my device’s tracking.

Should you ever stumble upon a stealth video camera that could probably inflict injury, then make sure to keep your calm. Do not try to solve the situation on your own. Rather, call the cops and let them handle the issue by themselves.

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