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Deter Burglars From Focusing On Your Home


Professional Dummy Camera

The following explains how to deter burglars from focusing on your home…

Earlier, Mike informed us that his girlfriend’s home had been burglarized  Her laptop and DSLR camera were taken as well as her other friends’ devices and all the money within their place. This made us understand that these matters could occur to any individual.

Mike and I share an apartment along with tow other pupils from the University of Missouri. I moonlight being a barista inside one of the coffee houses and another person at work proposed that we set up a dummy surveillance video camera with blinking LED to discourage burglars.

A dummy video camera is one that only appears like a security camera except that it is a fake. The one we got had weatherproof aluminum casing with real video wire and also a totally adjustable mounting bracket. The flashing LED was battery-operated.

Fake security cameras will not catch a criminal in the act but these can discourage someone from acting out the crime in the first place if he is certain his actions is going to be monitored.

These kinds of fake video cameras are certainly a less expensive solution because no one possess the resources to set up a real surveillance system. all of us need to have our laptops for the “real” work we need to do in class. And it will require some dedicated hardware for any security system to really keep all of us secure rather than it being an inconvenience.

Quickly enough, the girls got an actual monitoring video camera set up outside their own apartment. Their parents chipped in, needless to say. Probably it was because we were all boys with part-time jobs that we didn’t ask for our parents’ assistance, therefore we set up a professional dummy camera with blinking LED instead.

With other apartments putting up their own surveillance cameras, it would be safer for any lowlife scum to believe that all of them were real.

It is virtually the end of the school year and no one we know has been burglarized ever since. Summer break is approaching and, even when we are out for some time, I am certain our own dummy security camera with blinking LED will keep robbers away.

Fake security cameras are an inexpensive method of deterring criminals from entering your home.

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