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Do Parents Covertly Monitor What Is Happening Inside Their Household While At Work?


Today, more and more working parents are utilizing concealed surveillance to monitor what’s go on at the home while their at work.

The moment my sibling relocated his family to go after a business opportunity, the teenage son stayed behind in order to complete his senior year of high school. I took him in eagerly but never anticipated that he was bringing an entire posse of schoolmates along.

A brainy boy and student council officer, my nephew engaged in a host of activities that often sent his friends to our house for practice, preparations and whatnot. At some point, we felt urged to install a wireless surveillance system at home to monitor all these kids.

My husband and I inquired into surveillance cameras to both keep so many children safe and look out for bad behavior. Never having obtained any such devices in the past, we were left in confusion until we found a set package that kept things simple.

We purchased a 4 channel wireless digital video recording complete system that put together a digital 4 channel DVR with 4 wireless day/night cameras. These were equipped with a 17-inch screen, wires, built-in removable HDD rack, USB mouse and also remote control.

The 2.4 GHz wireless DVR is capable of networking using built-in receivers and remote surveillance via 3G mobile phones. We need not be close to these types of devices to view the footage from the four wireless cameras.

Made for different use, the DVR supports wired and wireless interfaces and it outputs with H.264 compression. Considering that each security camera is outfitted with 24 IR LEDs, there is simply no problem having it film at night or in the dark.

Four infrared cameras were just ideal for our regular-sized home. One each went to the living areas, dining area, foyer and hallway leading to the bedrooms. We left them on as soon as our nephew’s friends came to sleep over or waited to be fetched.

Moreover, putting in a wireless surveillance system meant that we did not deal with annoying cables and also cords. I always thought that starting surveillance would be a lot more challenging compared to how it turned out being.

Covert surveillance is an affordable solution for parents in need of visual evidence of any unauthorized visitors or activity within or around the home.

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