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Does My Daughter Need Dorm Apartment Alarm Kit For College?

Does My Daughter Need Dorm Apartment Alarm Kit for College?

So, my daughter has reached this part of her life where she’s heading off to college. It’s such an exciting time for us, but I can’t stop feeling a bit worried deep down. She’s getting out from under my protective wings and off to be on her own, and while college life can be exciting, it can also turn into a nightmare scenario anytime due to violent crime. features an affordable DIY self defense kit for college apartments.

So, apart from reminding her about the importance of keeping dorm room doors locked and valuables out of sight, I also insist on a dorm room apartment alarm kit.

Essentially, college dorm room alarm kit bring peace of mind. College life can be as dangerous as it is exciting. Those bizarre campus traditions, fraternities, and laid-back ‘open door’ policy can spell doom as much as they can spell fun. And while I have a great deal of faith in my daughter’s common-sense during these situations, I feel better knowing she is carrying an alarm kit.

What is a College Dorm Room Alarm Kit?

A college dorm room apartment alarm kit is a useful collection of personal security devices including a Wedge Door Stop Alarm, a Personal Keychain Alarm, and an attention-grabbing window wireless alarm that are handy in several nightmare scenarios.

The benefits of a college alarm kit include:



1. Keeping properties safe

One of the major types of crime in colleges is burglary and loss of properties. Students residing in college apartment dorm room apartments have reported the loss of valuables, including textbooks, computers, and electronics, when their rooms get broken into. Of course, the suspects are their fellow schoolmates targeting the valuables for sale through the black markets in town.

The cost of education materials is no joke. It is a major reason why higher education is quickly becoming unaffordable. Over the past ten years, the price of books has risen by about $25, and while one could pay less for a used book, changing course work means some of these are useless.

Overall, an undergraduate can expect to drop between $1,000 and $1,500 per academic year on their course materials. Add to that the cost of electronics, Rooms, and Board, Transportation, Tuition, and the well runs dry. There’s no cash to waste on replacing lost tuition materials, better keep safe what you’ve bought. Alarms help reduces instances of burglary and loss of valuables.

2. Maintaining personal safety in various situations.

Violence is very real in colleges, and it does take place nearly every day in just about every college across the U.S. A simple online search of crimes on campuses reveals blood-curdling statistics. In 2016 there were 28,400 reported cases of criminal incidents against persons and properties in colleges; this number could even be higher because crime reports by those living off-campus were not included.

Just the statistic that 19 in 10000 full-time students were victims of violent crimes during the 2016 academic year should send chills down any parent’s spine.

Cases of hate crimes on college campuses are on the rise, especially during the current socio-political environment. These include arson, property damage, vandalism, simple assault and intimidation, larceny, aggravated assault, and rape.

Statistics show that every year 1 in 5 university females are victims of sexual violence. A lot of sexual assault cases on campuses take place in freshman dorms. While this can be blamed on toxic masculinity and pathological perpetrators, the way space is designed too is a big contributor.

There’s a kind of assumption on campuses that allocates spacious rooms to advanced students living freshmen squeezed in tiny rooms that are just enough for a desk, a bed, a chair, and a bureau. Ending in such a tiny space after an evening of flirting and drinking means you will likely share the bed, which can be misinterpreted as a gesture to engage in sexual activity.

Protect your college daughter with a college alarm kit that includes a door stop alarm, a window alarm, and a keychain alarm she can carry along while heading out so that she can signal for help in case of unwanted sexual advances.

Features of an excellent college dorm room apartment alarm kit

Not all college alarm kits are created equal, though. You want a useful collection of security devices suitable for the various occasions described above. Otherwise, what is the point of having an alarm kit if you cannot use it for self-defense? The best college alarm kits are cheap, easy-to-carry, and meet the following criteria:

· Attention-Grabbing

College alarm should be extremely loud sirens to wake up the user, scare off the intruder, and alert neighbors to the crime. Personal door stop alarms should be high decibel sirens audible hundreds of meters away.

No burglar or stalker wants to draw attention to their activities. By sending loud sirens to wake people in the vicinity, personal alarms effectively

deter criminals from helping the user stay safe.

· Easy to carry and install

The best personal alarms are portable and easy to install for use in different scenarios. There are no wires to do some engineering, just battery-operated devices with sensors mounted on so the siren goes off when pressure is exerted on the door. The packaging should include instructions for DIY installation.

The alarm can be placed on the inside of an inward-opening door to immediately go off immediately an intruder tries to force the door open.

The alarm kit can also be used when traveling and staying in unreliable hotel rooms in which you never know who has the keys to your room.

The kit is also coming in handy during those backpacking situations. Facts on crime reveal that single women are likely to be victims of violent crimes when traveling or staying alone in hotels and college dorm rooms. An alarm kit is a convenient collection of security devices that can be packed and brought along one’s travels.

· Suitable self-defense option for a person of any age

You are never too old to take your sense of safety seriously. Even though human nature has people believing that it will always be another person being victimized, you can find yourself in a nightmare situation too. Crime is real, and anyone can be a victim.

Personal alarms are a convenient self-defense option for any age. They are not complex to use. These are simple pressure-sensitive battery-powered devices that anyone can use without electrical wiring knowledge. Once the crime has been stopped, simply push a button to stop the sound and use the alarm again.

In case of low battery, a good alarm should issue alerts to pop out the old batteries and replace them with new ones. Are you ready to get an alarm kit for your daughter? College alarm kits help grasp a sense of security and bring peace of mind. You no longer have to worry that you cannot protect your daughter because she is far away, get her a self-defense kit from Urban Safety Solutions to keep her safe from the ugly side of college life.

About Urban Safety Solutions

When it comes to matters of personal security, it is always better to stay safe than sorry.  Urban Safety Solutions is a St Louis Missouri based business specialized in equipping locals with non-lethal self-defense kits that work.

They have simple self-defense solutions for the everyday woman of any age. Xtreme Urban College Safety Kit contains a 20-million-volt Spike stun gun, a Super Door Stop Alarm, and a 1.4% MC 2 oz Wildfire Sticky Pepper Gel.

Nothing is left to chance with this kit because it is your life and properties on the line, and you have to do all you can to maintain safety. Spike stun guns are convenient self-defense devices too. In case of an attack, just fire a warning shot into the air to dissuade the attacker, and if that is not enough, you can always pump the voltage into their eyes or muscles to disable them, giving you time to escape.

The spike stun gun included in the Xtreme Urban College kit features two sharp spikes that act as electrodes for the 20 million volts of power to stop your attacker. It also has a nice rubberized coating for a non-slip grip while you are facing your attacker.

Pepper gel spray is another handy non-lethal self-defense tool for college students. Use the inflaming power of pepper to stop an attacker from miles away without the risk of the attacker blowing the gel back into your eyes because it is thick and sticky. The effects last about 45 minutes and include UV dye for perpetrator identification.

Xtreme Urban Safety Self defense kits are reasonably priced and carry a substantial warranty. There’s also a discount in place and free shipping for purchases over $50.

They are 12 years a member of BBB with an A+ rating on all their self-defense tools. See more information on their website. They have a kickass collection of non-lethal self-defense kits, including Urban safety Kit, Travel Safety Kits, Diversion Safes, Knives, Safety lights, etc.

Visit for additional self defense tools to keep your daughter safe.

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