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Does Your Daughter At College Have A Door Wedge Alarm Kit?

Does Your Daughter at College Have a Door Wedge Alarm Kit?

If we lived in a perfect world, women wouldn’t need to worry about having a personal safety kit to have confidence when traveling by themselves. However, we do not live in a perfect world at all.

Given how often serious crimes against women occur across the country, there was never a better time for you to be proactive about your personal security. This is more so in higher learning institutions such as colleges where there is an increase in reported cases of sexual harassment and rape.

You may be thinking that because it hasn’t happened to you before you and you cannot be a victim. But the truth is that you can be the next victim any day at any time. Therefore, as a woman attending college or someone who has a daughter in college, one of the best personal security tools is a door wedge alarm kit.

During your college years, you may spend a good amount of time in a college dorm or college apartment. In addition, traveling is quite common during this time, meaning you will also spend some time in a hotel or other accommodation facility. The fear of sleeping alone in your college dorm, college apartment, or hotel is not unfounded.

You may have an intruder try to come through the door while you are sleeping. This fear can keep you awake all night. For this reason, it is smart to invest in our door wedge alarm kit that can help wake an entire building in the event that you have an intruder.

What is Our Door Wedge Alarm Kit?

The majority of security alarms alert you only after the intruder has entered your premises. Our door wedge alarm kit will wedge underneath your door and sound a very loud alarm when an intruder attempts to open the door. Our effective security tools feature a non-skid pad mounted on the bottom and a wedge-shaped design. And this kit makes an excellent female self defense package.

The non-skid pad helps hold your door tighter the harder someone pushes it. The alarm will not deactivate until the intruder releases pressure from the top metal plate. The door wedge alarm helps to alert the building and gives you sufficient time to react to the situation.

We believe that this time can definitely be lifesaving. There is no installation required for our door wedge alarms. You simply place it under the door and you’re good. It is also compact and light, making it very easy to carry in your purse or bag when you’re traveling. Urban Safety Solutions features an effective self defense package.

What Our Door Stop Alarm Offers

  • Maximum Security – You get to have peace of mind while sleeping. The non-skid pad on the bottom provides maximum security by preventing an intruder from opening your door as the alarm sounds.
  • Attention-Grabbing – When an intruder applies pressure to the device, a very loud alarm will alert/wake your neighbors and help deter the intruder. Doorstop alarms are audible up to 1000 ft (300 meters) away.
  • Versatility – Our door wedge alarms are ideal for dorm rooms, hotels, apartments, and front doors. They serve as great travel security alarms

Get to revamp your personal security anywhere you are staying with a powerful and convenient door wedge or door stop alarm. Our door wedge alarm kit is your or your loved one’s top solution for preventing certain crimes such as burglary that pose a risk to your personal safety.

It is simple, reliable, and effective. Say goodbye to sleepless nights when staying alone in that hotel room, college dorm, or an apartment.

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