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Does Your Daughter Have Her College Female Self Defense Kit?

Does Your Daughter Have Her College Female Self Defense Kit?

Not denying that security measures in place make most college campuses safer than your average city, but it’s also true that crimes do take place nearly every day in just about every university campus across the U.S, and those in St Louis Mo are not missing their share of crime. So Urban Safety Solutions created a black owned self defense kit.

From burglary to robbery with violence, sexual assault, and even rape, violent crime in St. Louis Mo college-university campuses and the surrounding environs is very real.

History of crimes in St Louis Mo university college campuses

Students who live off-campus have reported cases of robbery with violence, hate crimes, stalking, and even sexual assault. Sometimes it has even ended in the death of the victim.

Students residing in college apartment dorm rooms, too, have reported their rooms being broken into. Of course, the suspects are their fellow schoolmates targeting the victims’ cell phones, laptops, clothes, and other major assets for sale through the black markets in town.

The sad thing, though, is that despite clear evidence of the existence of crime, most people care less about their safety, let alone that of their female family members. Human nature has many folks believing that it will always be someone else on the receiving end until it’s happening to them or their family, and that’s when you wish you had listened and put together a self-defense kit.

So again, here’s the question: Does your daughter have her college female self defense kit?

College is supposed to be the most exciting part of your daughter’s life. She’s supposed to discover who she is and have fun while doing it. There are no parental curfews, just lectures, and bizarre campus traditions to partake in.

But this won’t be possible if she’s living in fear, withdrawn more than ever and suspicious of everything around her. Sadly, that is what is likely to happen if she is a victim of violence and survives it. While it is true that what doesn’t kill makes a person stronger, it is equally true that it can leave her destroyed, barricading herself inside afraid to go out and lying awake at 4 am wishing the worst had happened -death.

That is surely no way to live, especially during college years when your daughter is supposed to be finding her passion. Therefore, it’s always good to be prepared because it is better to stay safe than sorry, and that is what a female student self-defense kit is for. It’s used for personal protection.

Importance of a college female self defense kit?

A college female self-defense kit brings peace of mind. While it is evident that some violence cannot be escaped, knowing she can handle the situation when it comes will help her grasp some peace of mind. It will help ease worries and reduce stress, putting her in the right mindset to carry on around campus like a normal human being.

College self-defense kit also helps dissuade aggressors. Devices like personal alarms and those spike stun guns can help scare creeps, stalkers, and buglers. And when the worst comes to the worst, she can go on the offense to disable her attacker using non-lethal moves. For more details about our kit. Visit us at

A College female self-defense kit also ensure the safety of valuables. Your daughter can leave her laptops and other electronics in your room, knowing that, in case of burglary, the evidence of a crime will be recorded for use by prosecutors. Alarms also scare away burglars before they can break into the rooms.

So, are you ready to put together a college female self defense kit?

Start today with self-defense products from our Xtreme Urban Survival Kit; these include tasers, personal door stop alarms, wildfire gel pepper sprays, stun guns, telescopic steel guns, digital voice phone recorders and many more.

1. Personal Door Stop Alarm

No self-defense kit is complete without a personal door stop alarm. This easy-to-use device is a portable 120db pressure-sensitive alarm that she can place on her door wedge and turn it on for alert notifications if someone tries to break in. It is battery-powered and fist into the purse for traveling anywhere.

2. WildFire Pepper Gel

Inflaming gel made of pepper to stop an attacker from miles away, plus it lasts up to 45 minutes and cannot be blown back into your daughter’s face because it is a thick and sticky gel.

3. Stun Guns

This bad boy is a must-have, it discharges 20 million volts via its metal spikes. It can be used to discourage advancement by firing a warning shot in the air, and if the worse gets to the worst, she can jam the spikes in her attacker’s eyes or muscles and pump the 20 million voltage in their body. One of its best features is the rubberized grip, ensuring it doesn’t slip from the hand mid-attack.

Stun guns are available in various designs, including a cell phone stun gun that the attacker won’t ever see coming. There’s also the Stun Master Lipstick Stun Gun Rechargeable With Flashlight, a Baddass Flashlight Stun Gun, etc.

4. Telescopic steel batons

Telescopic steel batons come in handy when it comes to stopping street crime. She just needs to aim the blows on the attacker’s meat parts or even

the swing towards the bones if that is not enough, it’s her life on the line after all.

5. Digital voice recorder

A digital voice recorder will come in handy if your daughter is being stalked, and campuses are full of such creeps. Recorded altercations can be used to get a restraining order or even a jail sentence

6. Safety Lights

Our 8-N-1 car charger power bank auto safety tool is the swiss army knife of safety lights. It can be used to signal for help, charge phones and tablets, cut through a seat belt and break out through a car window when stuck.

7. Self-Defence Key Chain

We have two styles of self-defense key chains, a Brutus key chain, and a Heart attack key chain. The Brutus key chain is a simple dog-shaped tool but is just as powerful as steel. It is constructed from impact-resistant ABS plastic. It can be attached to a keychain as just another accessory or stowed away. The Heart Attack is constructed from tough plastic and shaped like a heart. It is very easy-to-use; your daughter has to place it between her fingers and punch.

It’s always better to stay safe than sorry, so equip your daughter for the ugly sides of campus life with safety and self-defense kits from Urban Safety Solutions. Urban Safety Solutions is a St Louis Missouri based business specialized in equipping locals with non-lethal self-defense kits that work.

We have substantial discounts in place and a lifetime warranty to take care of technical issues. We are 12 years a member of BBB with an A+ rating on all their self-defense tools. Free shipping is available across all states for orders above $50. Full details about our self defense products available at 

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