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Easy Solution To Ending Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

Flash Drive Color Camera with Built-in DVR

Many women are finding themselves employed at a job that is infested with perverted creeps and managers that behave inappropriately. There’s an easy solution to ending sexual harassment in the workplace as you will soon learn. The following story is just one of ¬†thousands that take place everyday across america and the world…

Getting hired on my first work soon after college was fun for me. I was focused on achieving success. I thought that we lived in a world in which career women were highly regarded but a couple weeks into my brand new job I saw that this was not the case.

My boss would harass me in a degrading fashion when nobody was looking. Considering that I was new the only way the management would believe me was if I had evidence. I made a decision to get myself a spy hidden camera in order to gather the proof I wanted.

Monitoring cameras are for keeping track unobtrusively of events taking place. They are ideal for getting footage of a person doing an unlawful act. Typically spy cams are disguised as common items in order to stay unnoticed.

Online I found a flash drive color camera with built-in DVR. It is not the same as other body worn cameras because this USB flash drive covert camera can also record while attached to a PC.

The USB drive spy cam can record for two hours with its built-in battery pack. When it is plugged into a computer it has limitless battery life. It can record HD video on motion activation capture hidden photos and work as a standard flash drive albeit one having a video cam within.

Given that a USB flash drive is a typical product within an office setting I understood that it would be the best nanny cam to keep undercover. With this secret cam I would be able to capture my manager touching me inappropriately.

Security cams having built-in DVR offer an easy viewing of recorded videos. This can be reached by attaching the cam to a monitor or television using the included RCA cable or by putting the furnished SD card into the appropriate slot on a PC.

Ever since I mounted the spy hidden camera on my computer at the office I’ve been able to record all of my managers actions. I will be showing the footage to our superiors and leaving my boss’s fate in their hands.

Covert hidden cameras such as the flash drive color camera with built-in dvr will provide visual evidence of  sexual harassment in the workplace.


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