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Effective Hidden Cameras For Home

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Hidden cameras for homes are stirring quite some issues. On one hand, they give parents or grown children a peek of what is actually happening to their children or elderly parents in their homes. On the other, violates the privacy of the unsuspecting people caught on film.

Teenagers, needless to say, will go berserk if they find out that they are monitored.

Parents have taken to installing hidden cameras in their homes to monitor their children’s minders. If they suspect abuse, the best way of obtaining solid evidence is to videotape the incident or incidents. They are also a great way to monitor older kids’ activities.

Even when they are away at work, parents can still see the people that their children invite into their home and what they do in it.

Hidden cameras installed in certain areas of the home are also helpful in “Interventions” to let the person with the problems see things in a different perspective. These include helping alcoholics in denial, or spotting anorexia and/or bulimia and addiction behaviors in members of the home.

Some apartment owners install cameras in the rooms of their tenants to keep track of illegal, unpleasant, or suspicious activities. It’s also prudent given that any number of people pass through the halls and into the apartment units themselves.

The things that hidden cameras reveal can have wide scale effects. In Great Britain, the neglect and abuse towards the elderly in nursing homes were exposed by hidden cameras planted by visiting children. Quality care problems in United States nursing facilities were uncovered by the state. Of course all these happened without the knowledge and consent of said facilities.

Although the end brought better results, the means were shady. However, there is no other way to find out what really happens behind closed doors unless you film them surreptitiously.

As the point of installing hidden cameras is to film any wrongful activities, they are set-up without the knowledge of those they plan to entrap. Privacy issues have arisen since. Nannies would object to being watched by their employers.

Nursing home employees would not be able to function in their full capacities under the pressure of surveillance. It is indeed a fine line between the rights to obtain evidence and the right to privacy.

How to go about this correctly?

First, look up the laws of your state before installing the cameras. Seek the advice of a lawyer in planning where to put your cameras to avoid being caught in the privacy issue.

Second, do not put cameras in areas where people expect a reasonable amount of privacy, like bathrooms, toilets, and bedrooms. Installation of cameras in these areas need your subject’s (nanny, child, nurse) knowledge and consent.

Third, using recorded video or audio for blackmail is illegal and will be prosecuted.

The law applies for outdoor cameras as well.

Hidden cameras for homes provide people peace of mind that their homes and loved ones are safe and secure, and are that extra set of eyes that do not sleep when people do.

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