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Effective Inexpensive Solution To Deter Burglars From Targeting Your Home Or Business

Professional Dummy Camera with Flashing LED

There are effective inexpensive solutions to deter burglars from targeting your home or business…

Our neighbors on both sides were hit with burglaries one evening just recently. The man residing across from us stated he noticed somebody sneaking out of our property that very same night. But our home showed no indications of a break-in and also nothing was missing.

We know the reason why our house was not touched. It is a little bit discouraging attempting to rob a home when you will find security cameras aimed right at you. Of course, there was no way the burglar could know that each one of the 4 we had mounted was a dummy security camera actually.

Dummy security video cameras are just fake security cameras.

These types of dummy surveillance cams are a low-cost option to genuine surveillance cameras. Because they look similar to the real thing, the mere sight of them can be just as effective in stopping theft. Research prove it.

Fake cams are also a cheap way to raise the number of security cameras within a security system equipped with genuine security cameras. You simply can’t identify the difference.

Our dummy housing video camera with flashing LED is going to trick anybody into thinking that this is a real surveillance camera, with its real camera casing, real video cable, even a blinking red LED light, to make it appear truly convincing. It has weatherproof aluminum housing for outdoor use and also a fully adjustable mounting bracket. The only thing it does not have is the one expensive component, a real video camera inside.

It was simple to install with the set of stainless screws offered. I had this fake camera set up at each corner of the roof, so that all 4 sides of our home were “covered”. If I were a burglar looking up and seeing even one of these surveillance cameras aimed at me, flashing its red LED light, I wouldn’t hang around, either.

There is also a dummy surveillance camera set up outside our office today, at one corner of the roof. It may be a fake but his is one dummy that could make a fool out of any burglar.

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