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Effective Manner Of Catching The Perpetrator With Covert Surveillance

I reside in a single-family residence with my better half and three daughters. After a number of incidents of vandalism started within our usually peaceful L.A. neighborhood I finally made a decision to hear out one neighbors suggestions regarding the use of cheap hidden cameras for home surveillance.

Fortunately I discovered the perfect covert camera online for my need. It came in the form of a screw hidden camera that I could very easily mount on any place where a screw (which was in fact my camera) would go well.

Simply because garage doors and outdoor lights were the most typical targets of the recent string of vandalism within our area I set up my new spy camera under the patio light near the garage entrance.

I think that the camera design is awesome. What appears to be a ordinary little screw is actually a tiny black and white camera. It needs a minimum level of illumination as low as .003 Lux. This implies that my secret camera can record clear images in almost complete darkness.

When I was shopping for a covert screw camera I was provided a choice between wired and wireless installation. The idea of a continuous power source to a wired camera seemed great but since I could not be bothered with wires I opted for the wireless camera that came with an 8-hour rechargeable battery pack.

The wireless package also came with a free 2.4 GHz receiver enabling easy and fast access to the captured images. In addition the 3.7mm focal length of the lens is ideal within the wide-angle range.

As soon as the over-zealous graffiti artists went to my property a couple of days ago it turned out to be their very last evening of mischief. My surveillance camera was able to record clear images of their faces making it easy for the police to Id them and take appropriate measures.

Great things do come in small packages. If we hadnt set up some cheap hidden cameras for home security concerns the vandalism attacks would still be going on until now.

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