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Effective Manner Of Protecting Oneself From Perverted Creeps That Place Hidden Spy Cams In Public Restrooms

Lens Finder Bug Detector

Women must be careful when utilizing public restrooms. Especially those located in a park area that’s frequented by female joggers and riders on bike trails. A hidden spy camera detector should be used to scan for concealed cameras placed in stalls by perverted creeps.

A spy cam finder such as the lens finder bug detector is the most reliable and easy to use technology to make sure your private and actions aren’t being video recorded by a peeping tom.

These are dangerous times, women must also take precautions to safeguard themselves against being mugged or sexually assaulted by predators.

Jogging outdoors became a pastime of my own as soon as I relocated to St. Louis, Mo. Sadly, my passion for it dropped when I read the news about a female friend who had been attacked by a man while she jogged along a urban bike trail.

I shared that account with my father, and to my surprise, he didn’t prohibit me from jogging whatsoever. Rather, he recommended that I start seeking the best pepper spray for women joggers that can fit my budget and get the job done effortlessly.

I followed my father’s advice and checked the net right away for information regarding non-lethal self-defense tools. My online search led me to pepper sprays and how this can help me safeguard myself when the situation requires it.

Defensive sprays are capable of emitting a mist that could produce a painful but non permanent burning sensation in the eyes, thus, incapacitating the enemy for a couple of minutes. This particular small window of opportunity ought to be utilized to run away from the scene and call for help.

Small pepper sprays are compact and light in weight, therefore, simple to use as well as carry around. Apart from that, I could also conceal one in my hands without the enemy noticing it. I can utilize that to my advantage as the assailant wouldn’t be aware that I was already set to fight back and safeguard myself.

Jogger defensive sprays offer the features of mini pepper sprays but they are specifically designed for outdoor activities such as running. To add, they feature a lot more options for handling while on the move like belt clips, straps, key rings, and also a molded grip.

After browsing an internet based store for jogger pepper spray, I stumbled upon a Mace pepper spray Jogger Model and gave it a shot. I have been carrying it with me for several weeks now and, to date, it has provided my personal security needs perfectly.

In summary, the best pepper spray for women exploring the outdoors would not depend on the brand. Rather, it is dependent on how the product functions and offers the particular need of its female user.

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