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Effective Means Of Monitoring People In Your Facility



I needed an effective means of monitoring people in around our school.

As a school principal I have gone through troubles with regard to implementing discipline within the school. I wanted extra eyes to monitor everyone at one time thus I decided to have professional CCD cameras installed.

My lawyer told me that security cameras were made and created to monitor activity in any kind of location you picked so that you might be able to monitor any person or department and even catch somebody in the act of doing something wrong. You could do all these even when you were not around.

I was able to obtain a day-night color video that has a high-quality CCD chip. This enables the camera feed to turn into black and white from color if the light conditions are low. With the 24 built-in high-infrared lights this enhances visibility in low light for up to sixty feet.

The waterproof professional cameras can be placed anyplace you would like outdoors or indoors. It cam with a built-in bracket for cable management which conceals the wiring when you install it.

Bullet video cameras have a similar convenience. These look like the shape of a bullet and are that small. These are sleek and can also be fitted wherever you want. For 24-hour monitoring a day-night video camera like this one should surely be in order.

I had one security camera placed in every focal point of the school to offer me with an eagle’s eye view. One day a fight occurred in the lobby however I wasn’t there when it happened. The notorious bully stated afterwards that it was not his fault.

An instructor had said to me about it. No one witnessed who started the fight so I asked to be left alone so that I could look at the recorded feed in secret.

I found out that the school bully did start the fight even if he insisted that he did not. I had their parents brought in to talk about proper punishments. Because of professional CCD cameras like mine I was able to learn the truth and also keep things in order.

I’m now able to monitor activity in and around the school 24/7.

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