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Effective Solution To Monitor Someone While On the Go

Pen Hidden Video Camera with Mini DVR


Today,there’s an effective solution to monitor someone while on the go.

As a private investigator I find it essential to put the minds of my clients at ease. After all that is what they pay me out for. My work has become easier with the new hidden camera pen which I have just acquired.

A long time ago I found out that hidden cams were made particularly to watch somebody or a location of your choosing. Many were made ingeniously to appear like normal items to ensure that no person would even have a clue that they were being watched.

Monitoring video cameras having a built-in DVR don’t need any kind of set up as they can record out of the box just like exactly what plug and play devices can do. For playback you just have to connect one to a screen or a television using the supplied RCA cable or connect the free SD card straight into your PCs ready memory card reader.

I picked a pen hidden camera with audio mini dvr thumb drive since it is going to allow me to be very inconspicuous. I can use it as a normal pen and as a body worn video camera at the same time by affixing it to my own pocket and then clicking it covertly to ensure that recording could start.

With its thumb drive file transfer between PCs is possible. The lens is found 1/4 inch from the top section where the pocket clip is for recording from your shirt pocket. It is possible to capture clear audio and video up to fifteen feet.

At one time I needed to follow the spouse of an accomplished medical doctor who he suspected to have an affair. With my handy surveillance video camera I continued my mission.

I followed her around. She made usual stops inside salons, dining places and also malls until finally I established a meeting point – a spa.

The physician obtained the proof and I the payment. It may be tragic for my customers to find out the harsh truth but it is what I bring out best especially with my concealed camera pen in hand.

Covert cameras with built-in dvr are very easy to operate and are confirming suspected inappropriate behavior.

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