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Effective Solutions To Monitor Corporate Espionage

Frequency Detector with Strength Meter

The following effective solutions to monitor corporate espionage in today’s business environment, was suggested by someone with investigative experience…

I am employed as the head of a private detective firm. Despite the fact that I seldom take on cases personally any longer I help from time to time. The moment a young controversial chief executive officer of a multinational firm asked to meet with me inside his turf I knew that I needed to be the one to handle whatever case he was planning to give.

The second I cam into his place of work I noticed right away a surveillance cam serving as a smoke detector. My brand new customer wanted me to look into a number of the companies board members. Based on him one member seemed to be getting the preference of the board on a big issue they were confronting. I asked him what he thought about having a concealed camera spy on him and confirmed my hunch that he was totally unaware his work area was bugged.

I set off to work immediately after the meeting. I was already suspicious that my clients workplace was not the only affected room within the building.

To a trained eye it is a piece of cake to discover a surveillance camera. It is just as quick to pinpoint where possible bugs are hidden. Hence what I needed was a bug detector that could sense frequencies.

A frequency counter bug detector I discovered online is able to discover the frequency that a bug is operating on. As it cannot identify where a bug is hidden you need to know firsthand where one is.

This kind of bug detector makes use of micro-processing circuitry to be able to locate a wireless transmission perfectly. The LCD monitor on the unit displays the frequency of the detected bug. This spy camera tracker is rechargeable and can be used continuously for 6 hours.

I purchased the bug detector and went to my client again. This time I went right to the empty boardroom. I found another smoke detector in there which housed a surveillance cam. I then checked beneath the table and spotted a bug under it as well.

Letting a microphone listen in as well as a hidden camera spy on boardroom proceedings spells trouble for whoever approved it. These strengthened my clients suspicions that something was up.

The lens finder bug detector is the most reliable and easy to operate counter-surveillance device, for ensuring your private meetings aren’t being monitored.

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