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Effective Strategy For Monitoring Confidential Work Documents In Your Home Office

Sprinkler Hidden Camera

There’s an effective strategy for monitoring confidential work documents in your home office…

I am employed being a graphic designer for an advertising firm. What I love most with regards to my work is that I get to work from the comfort of my own house from time to time. However, the artworks that I am assigned to make call for absolute confidentiality, particularly throughout the developmental periods of a project.

I’m well aware of the problem I could cause for myself and my firm should any of my works in progress leak out. So, I reinforced the security of my home office using a sprinkler concealed camera for surveillance.

Covert cameras are perfect for putting an additional set of eyes to just about any area one wishes to secure. Many spy cameras are designed to resemble ordinary items. These types of regular-looking devices in fact disguise a small camera built into their bodies.

My disguised camera looks like a fire sprinkler. As expected, it appears completely harmless up on the ceiling. Close to no one would pin virtually any suspicion on the sprinkler they see mounted over their heads. Oddly enough, the down-view camera gets a great look at all the things below.

With the help of the user guide that came with it, setting up the nanny cam became a fairly easy task. All I had to do was run the power onto the wired camera and then connect its provided video cable to my DVR for recording.

The first time that I viewed video footage coming from my hidden camera, I found out something. I saw that our cleaning lady decided to take her daily nap within my office every time nobody was in the home.

I am sure that our household help poses no security threat to my artworks. But, I just couldn’t let her take her nap amidst all the materials laid out on my workdesk. I talked to her about it and she hasn’t done it ever since.

The incident made me realize the need to keep an eye constantly on things inside my home. I am presently planning to set up a sprinkler hidden camera in other areas of the house.

Concealed cameras with built-in dvr will covertly record any activity in a room you have designated OFF LIMITS!

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