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Effective Way Of Keeping Thieves Out Of Your Newly Built Home

Dome Dummy Camera with Flashing LED

There’s an effective way of keeping thieves out of your newly built home…

The instant I had my new house done I knew that I had to mount some kind of security system inside it. The problem was that I was lacking the finances for such yet. Thus I looked into having a fake surveillance cameras instead.

Dummy cams are extremely clever non-functional security cameras which can pass for real security cameras. They are low-cost choices to real monitoring cameras. They could even make your existing monitoring system look a lot more extensive and more intimidating.

I discovered a quite high-tech-seeming dome dummy camera with blinking LED. It is a fake camera with dome casing as well as a power cable. It is a precise copy of a certain type of surveillance video camera. The flashing LED gives it that very realistic appearance.

Admittedly fake surveillance cameras such as this one will not guarantee that the offender is going to be caught. But according to the newest research when the bad guy merely sees a security camera he turns away quickly thereby avoiding vandalism or robbery.

I finally bought the dummy cam that also included a metal mounting bracket which could be set up with the provided stainless steel screws.

I placed the fake surveillance cameras throughout my brand new home and just wished that everything is going to be intact when I got back from my business travel during the weekend. It took a few coffee-less nights just to calm my nerves.

My housekeeper would be the only individual authorized within my house. I told her to lock up everything before she would leave. Hopefully the presence of the phony video cameras would also remind her to accomplish her task honestly.

The moment I got back I heaved a sight of relief given that nothing terrible had happened. All the things was in position and nothing was taken. This continued for a month until I finally had a real security system set up. I was very grateful to have the fake surveillance camera system that I set up in the interim.

The presence of surveillance cameras will often deter criminals from targeting your home.

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