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Effective Way Of Safeguarding Personal Privacy From Creepy Landlord East Hampton, New York

Lens Finder Bug Detector

After recent disturbing news about invasion of privacy, vacation renters paying $6,500 a week, are in need of an effective way of safeguarding personal privacy from creepy landlord East Hampton, New York. Donald Torr, the landlord  of a swanky East Hampton, New York summer rental, set-up spy cameras throughout the home and video recorded nine family members, including three children in the nude. The IP cameras inside the home saved video images to an embedded DVR that were viewed in either real time or later by the creepy landlord.

The victimized New Jersey family claim they found the concealed cameras four days into their vacation all over the house including spy cams that pointed at beds and showers. The Suffolk County Police were called to the property by the family and discovered a labyrinth of covert cameras hidden in walls, electrical sockets, air conditioning ducts along with others that were pointed at guest in the shower, spa and several bedrooms.

The family rented the $6,500-a-week home in the East Hamptons  for the summer, but the family left rental property three days early and were later refunded by Donald Torr.

Torr allegedly admitted to the family that he watched the video recording saved on the embedded DVR. The perverted landlord claims he installed the hidden cameras for security purposes and did not know children were video recorded.

The family’s law suit claims Donald Torr recorded sexually explicit images of their children and broke privacy laws.


Have you ever notice exactly how reality TV program cameras would have to follow somebody within the toilet as some time throughout an episode? It doesn’t matter when they are wannabe top fashion models or designers, or celebrity job applicants, or whatever. Numerous people watch these kinds of Reality TV “stars” pulling their pants up soon after getting up from the toilet. We don’t view the actual business done however we get a flash of under garments and skin.

Plus, there are the wannabe YouTube sensations. They make use of their own Web cams to be able to broadcast themselves carrying out foolish stuff in the privacy of their bedroom. And then you will find the private citizens-individuals just like us who desire to secure our privacy. Today, spy cameras can follow us into the bathroom without our knowledge. In fact, they are there ahead of us. Thus, we have to buy hidden cam detector devices to be able to stay private.

These types of gizmos, also called bug detectors, can find covert cameras or microphones by detecting their operating frequencies.

My lens finder bug detector makes use of modern laser frequency visual detection technology. When I look through its viewing port, I can see any kind of hidden video camera lenses within ten feet flash red. By moving the control switch towards RF mode, I can detect the wide band radio frequency of wireless gizmos.

This kind of bug locator has 4 LEDs to tell us its signal strength, which it likewise shows utilizing sound as well as vibration. This features a silent detection mode, and I can adjust from how far it can detect bugs and also covert cams.

The bug tracker could detect frequencies anyplace from 1 MHz to 6 GHz. The moment it does, this informs me with a vibrating or audible alert.

I take my wired or wireless camera multifunctional sensor anywhere: toilets, fitting areas, hotel rooms or any place else nanny cams and also bugs can be hidden.

Every person inside my household wants to be on Reality TV shows. Me, if ever I appear on television, it will be to inform people to buy hidden camera detector products. Privacy is a right which we all have to protect.

The spy cam finder is the most reliable and easy to use technology on the market for making sure your not being watched and privacy not being invaded.

This spy cam locator gives women peace of mind that their privacy has not been compromised. Any and all concealed spy cameras will be detected by the lens finder bug detector.


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